4th Grader’s “Cool” Invention nets him an Innovator Award

Abram, a 4th grader in Michigan, received a lifetime membership award as the Youth Innovator of the Year for 2017 by the Grand Rapids Inventors Network. During a heat wave, Abram got the idea to make an air conditioner that would cool his classmates. Using a Rubbermaid tub, frozen water bottles, a towel and a fan, he was able to lower the temperature of the room by several degrees.  What a cool invention!

New Exoplanet Discovered

An exoplanet that appears to be inside of a bulge at the core of our galaxy where most of the stars reside was recently discovered. But this no ordinary exoplanet! This planet is over 13 times bigger than Jupiter. The planet has been named OGLE-2016-BLG-1190-L-B. Oh rats! That’s the same name I was planning to name one of my children.  Ha Ha.

Veterans Day

On November 11, Americans will celebrate Veterans Day. The federal holiday pays tribute to the brave men and women of the United States armed forces who risk their lives on a daily basis to protect our freedom. This includes everyone who has served in the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, Air Force and the Coast Guard.

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