Who Caught Who?

Sometimes chasing things can get you in trouble. Bella, a toy dachshund, was chasing a squirrel in the attic. Instead of catching the squirrel, the dog was the one who got caught! Bella fell into an opening, and got trapped inside a wall. Firefighters had to cut a hole through it, to rescue her!

Put It in the Book Drop and Run

A library in British Columbia just received a missing book. Wilderness Living, by Brent Berglund, was checked out of the Vancouver Island Library, 42 years ago! The library’s maximum late fee is $7.50, which is fortunate. Otherwise, the overdue fines would have been $3442! Maybe whoever checked it out, was living in the wilderness for 42 years!

Welcome to the Future

Jake Wilmot, co-founder of studioDisrupr VR, decided to try an experiment. He spent an entire week wearing a virtual reality headset. He said it was the dumbest thing he’s ever done, although it was more comfortable than he’d expected. The best thing about taking the headset off? Real-life graphics are amazing!

Amusing Wiper Covers

Oh no, not another rainy day. You know what would make it less dreary? Windshield wiper covers! You can get Smackdown Wrestlers WiperTags, that make it look like an epic elbow drop is happening on your car window. Maybe you’d prefer a WipeSaber, like a light saber, that uses the force to remove raindrops!

Forgive Your Parents for Oversharing

Today is Forgive Mom And Dad Day. Did they make you eat a disgusting vegetable? Or scrub the dirt off your face? Forgive them for being so mean! Maybe they shared a mortifying photo of you. Don’t stay mad, because it’s also Awkward Moments Day! Everyone does embarrassing things sometimes. Just laugh it off!

Good Dog!

Do you ever play video games that have a dog in them? A Twitter page called “Can You Pet the Dog?” tells you whether or not your character can pet the dog, in various video games. It’s so satisfying to pet a friendly dog, even if it’s only a virtual one!


Irish Dancing Past Cancer

Last year, Finnbar O’Reilly was preparing for the Irish dancing world championships, when he developed bone cancer. He had to sit out All Irelands, to begin treatment. He kept dancing as much as he could, while undergoing chemotherapy. Now, the Virginia 17 year-old is cancer-free, and ready to compete in All Irelands next month!


The Buzzards Are Back

Every year, Hinckley Ohio celebrates spring and the return of its buzzards. Also known as turkey vultures, they’ve returned to the cliffs and caverns of Whipp’s Ledges like clockwork every March 15th. The town always hosts a Buzzard Day for visitors the following Sunday with lots of pancakes. The vultures just eat dead animals!



Paddy’s Day Celebrations

Don’t worry when you see the neon green Chicago River today. It’s just St. Patrick’s Day! Saint Patrick was British, but became a Christian missionary in Ireland in the 5th century. His feast day has become a celebration of all things Irish, from shamrocks to leprechauns to the color green! Happy Paddy’s Day!



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