Incredible Journey

24 years ago, a man drank a bottle of whiskey, stuck a note in it, and threw it into Lake Michigan. The note said that if someone found it, he’d buy them a drink. Gary Henrickson just found the bottle floating, in Florida! The phone number was still good; I hope the author pays up!

Cows Cool Off

A pair of long-haired Scottish highland cows in Illinois, escaped from their farm to go swimming in a lake. This is the 2nd time Doris and Hilda have escaped. The first time, they were trotting down a busy road. Maybe they were scoping out a place to cool off, during the next heat wave!

Sick of Swimming

A leopard in Fakte India, got trapped in a 15-foot well this week. The big cat was struggling to stay afloat when villagers found him, and quickly took action. 20 wildlife rescuers worked together to lower a crate with a quick-shut door, so when the leopard went inside, they could pull him up to safety.

Baby Boom Doubles Population

The orange-fronted New Zealand parakeets, known as kākāriki karaka, live in forests of beech trees. There were only between 100 and 300 birds left, and they lay more eggs when there are lots of beech tree seeds. The trees are producing loads of seeds this year, and the rare kākāriki have already had at least 150 chicks!

Liven Up Your Elevator

Did you ever notice how quiet people get, when they get in an elevator? Well, today is Talk In An Elevator Day! Be bold, and start a conversation with someone. Since you have a captive audience, it’s a perfect time to tell a joke! At least say hi and smile, and make someone happy!

Little Bear Wants Your Snack

A person in Gatlinburg Tennessee was enjoying a snack on their balcony, when they heard a noise below them. A young bear was looking up, so they started filming it. Seconds later, the bear ran up the balcony’s support post, wanting some of that tasty snack! The person scurried inside, just in time!

Tickets for Kittens

Muncie Animal Care and Services, is in need of supplies to care for the large volume of cats and kittens coming in. The Muncie Police Department found a way to help. Until Friday, people can pay off their parking tickets with cat food, kitty litter, or cat beds. Getting a ticket can help kittens!

It’s Not That Hot

Are you sweltering in the summer heat? Here’s a fact to cool you off! Absolute zero, when every skerrick of heat energy has been sucked out, is -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit. Anyway, it could be worse. Absolute hot, the highest possible temperature, is 2.556 trigintillion degrees Fahrenheit: 2556 followed by 30 zeroes. Our sun’s core is only 18 million degrees!

Customer Kindness

Do you like candy that makes your lips pucker? It’s Sour Candy Day, so eat all your favorites, and remember to share! It’s also Get To Know Your Customer Day. Whether you’re working with a customer, or being a customer, take the extra time to talk to each other. It’s nice to be friendly!

The Fight Against Racism

Today is Mandela Day, in honor of Nelson Mandela. The former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner, spent his life fighting racial discrimination and segregation, called apartheid. Mandela was South Africa’s first black president, winning the first democratic election after apartheid ended. He was born on this date, 101 years ago.

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