A Whale of a Rescue

When a whale got stranded in the Philippines, locals swam to the rescue. A 26 foot-long Bryde’s whale was struggling in shallow water, so dozens of Ozamiz City’s residents jumped in to help push it into deeper waters. The grateful whale swam away. Bryde’s whales are endangered, but at least that one was saved!

Stealth Fur on Moths

Some moths have stealth technology that the military would envy. In order to avoid getting eaten by bats, the moths have developed fur that absorbs sound. It prevents bats from detecting them with echolocation. Researchers found that the special fur was only on deaf moth species. Other species rely on hearing to avoid bats.

Underground Party

Amber Asaly had a very moving 26th birthday party. It was held on a New York City subway train! They decorated the train car, set up a table, had a spaghetti dinner, and even had a piñata! They made sure to clean up after themselves. That’s a party they’ll never forget!

Letter Gaps Increase Memory

There is an unusual font developed last month, that can help boost your memory. The style of printing has a backward slant, and pieces of each letter are missing. Your brain has to work a little harder to read it, making you more likely to remember what it said. It’s fittingly called, Sans Forgetica!

Be Excellent to Each Other

Today is World Kindness Day. Today, try to think about each thing you do, and make sure you’re being kind. Then go out of your way to do one nice thing for someone. Can you do that every day? Think how great the world would be, if everyone treated each other with kindness!

Keep That Record Fresh

Sometimes a world record seems easy to beat. Japanese YouTuber Dekakin, hopes the video of his new world record doesn’t go viral, because he doesn’t want anyone to attempt to break it. He wrapped Ichiho Shirahata in cling wrap from feet to shoulders in 1 minute 58 seconds. It’s a world record, for now!


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