Bear Makes a Dairy Queen Stop

If you were in the Innisfail Dairy Queen drive-thru in Alberta Canada last week, you might have seen a crazy sight. A Kodiak bear popped her head out the driver’s window to lick a spoon of ice cream! One-year old Berkley was picking out the flavor for her birthday cake.

Surfing Big Mama in Portugal

Nazare Portugal is known for its massive waves, and Hugo Vau has surfed one of the biggest ones yet. The wave, nicknamed “Big Mama”, was a staggering 114 feet tall, taller than a 10 story building! If the height is confirmed, Hugo will hold the record for largest wave ever surfed. Gnarly!

Can Plastic Help the Earth?

Scientists have figured out a new plan to deal with the excess carbon dioxide heating up our planet. They can make plastic out of it. Of course, plastic is also bad for the environment, even though it would help clear the air of CO2 without using fossil fuels. Maybe we need another plan.

Undersea Mordor Discovered

Researchers discovered a group of 26 volcanoes near Australia that looks like Mordor! But any Hobbits trying to journey there would have to be good swimmers. The volcanoes are underwater! The Bight Basin Igneous Complex is 35 million years old and buried under 820 feet of sediment, so ultrasound-like images were created using 3D seismic reflection.

Go Nuts About Squirrels

It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day! Over 200 squirrel species fit into 3 types: ground, tree, and flying squirrels. The African pygmy squirrel is only 3 inches long, while the Laotian giant flying squirrel is 3 1/2 feet long! Squirrels are great reforesters; they plant thousands of trees every year by forgetting where they buried their nuts!