Cold-Weather Capers

Winters in Minnesota provide some interesting sights. Some friends were skating on Lake Minnetonka, when they saw a man doing donuts with his tractor, on the ice. One friend used a golf cart to join the fun. Then the cart and tractor towed a sofa across the ice, so the friends could go couch-surfing!

My Mouth Is Bigger Than Your Mouth

Have you ever heard of the sarcastic fringehead? It’s an unusual fish, that looks like a sock puppet with big eyes. They like to hide in holes and attack prey with their gigantic mouths. When 2 male sarcastic fringeheads get near each other, they expand their gaping mouths, to see whose is bigger!

That Kitten has Wheels

When 9 year-old João met his neighbor’s new kittens, he noticed one of them couldn’t walk. He was determined to help the kitten play with its siblings, so he decided to build her a wheelchair! He borrowed materials from a friend to create the device, attached it to the kitten, and away she rode!

Pop Capsules for Stress Relief

When the University of Bristol, in England, had new furniture delivered, they were left with a lot of bubble wrap. They decided to put it to good use, by giving it to students at exam time. The directions say, “For immediate stress relief, pop three capsules every 4-to-6 hours, or as needed!” That’s creative recycling!


Pop. Pop. Pop, pop, pop-pop-pop-pop! It’s Popcorn Day! In the 16th century, popcorn was used in Aztec headdresses in Mexico. It became a popular food in the United States in the 18-hundreds. It’s also Tin Can Day. Peter Durand patented the perfect way to store food for years, in 1810. Eat a tin of popcorn!

Snowman Fights Back

Cody and Lucy Lutz built a 9-foot tall snowman after the recent snowstorm in Kentucky. To make it more stable, they built it around a big tree stump. They found tire tracks leading up to their damaged snowman the next day. Someone tried to run it over, but hit the hidden stump instead. Ha-ha!


Jailhouse Hula

The San Quinten State Prison houses men convicted of crimes, but the inmates have found an unlikely source of inspiration. Many of the prisoners are taking hula classes twice a week! It improves their physical and mental well-being while they are in prison, and helps the dancers appreciate other cultures.


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