Mama and 13 Duckling Parade

The Thomas Health Hospital in New York is treated to an adorable annual parade. Every year, a duck builds her nest in one of the enclosed courtyards. When the ducklings hatch, and she’s ready to move them to the park, she taps on the glass, so employees can escort her family through the hospital!

New Snacks Coming

The 2019 Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago, introduced some new items to the world. There was a candy bar made with love, not sugar. There were smaller pack sizes, to keep snack portions healthier. But there were also new Gummy Bear and Sour Punch flavors. The Expo had over 2000 new products!

Bears Realize They Can’t Hotwire a Car

Chad Morris and his family were on vacation in Tennessee, when someone tried to steal their car. It was a whole family of bears! 3 bear cubs climbed in the open windows, and ransacked the car. They must have realized they couldn’t drive, because they climbed back out to mama bear, who stood watching nearby.

Adjust your Brother’s Tiara

It’s Friday, but it’s also Don’t Fry Day. Make sure you use sunblock when you’re going to be spending time in the sun, so you don’t fry! It’s also Tiara Day, so become royalty for the day, and wear your fanciest tiara or crown. Plus, it’s Brother’s Day. Stop fighting, and hug your brother!

Drain Clogged by TV

You never know what will turn up in a storm drain. In Colorado, 10 ducklings were rescued from a drain by a fire crew. In Texas, officials found a 40 inch flat screen TV clogging a drain! They’re not sure if it was dumped, or swept in during a hurricane. Maybe the rats were watching movies!


Badger Breaks In

If you want to raid the fridge for a midnight snack in Hannah Carver’s house, you might have to fight a badger for it! The British woman set up a security camera, to find out who was trashing her kitchen every night. The bold badger was entering through a cat flap, and helping himself!


Good Day, Your Grace

Have you ever wanted to be a Duke or Duchess? The nation of Sealand will sell you a title for $734.99, and you don’t have to move! Sealand isn’t much more than a platform in the North Sea, about 8 miles off the coast of Great Britain, but it’s an independent nation with it’s own currency!


Turn Food Into Soil to Grow Food

Emma and Ugo Angeletti are teenage sisters who created the back2earth organization in Florida. They have collected over 15,000 pounds of food waste in the last year, and turned it into compost to use in local gardens! They won a grant for $50,000 through the General Mills, Feeding Better Futures program, to expand their awesome work.


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