Jupiter Has More Moons than We Thought

Jupiter has a lot of moons. Astronomers recently discovered 12 more, bringing the number of Jovian moons up to 79! Confirming new moons is a long process, because the moons had to be observed a month after their first sighting, then again a year later. One new moon, Valetudo, may have broken off of a larger moon.

Record Holder of World Records

Ashrita Furman holds more Guinness World Records than anyone. He has broken world records over 750 times, and 250 of those records are still standing! He set his latest record by slicing 26 watermelons on his own stomach. He’s also pogoed up Mount Fuji and walked with a running lawnmower balanced on his chin!

Firenado Goes for a Swim

Blythe California was home to one wild wind formation last weekend. A brush fire near the Colorado River started spinning, and became a fire tornado. The firenado then moved across the water, and became a waterspout! Firenadoes can reach 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and grow hundreds of feet tall. It’s lucky this one jumped in the river!

Become a Beekeeper!

Honeybee populations have been in decline, and the state of Virginia is determined to fight it. They are giving beehives and equipment to beekeepers! If you are 18 years old, you can apply to be a state beekeeper and get 3 beehives through the Beehive Distribution Program. Save the bees, and get paid in honey!

Remembering Nelson Mandela

Today is Mandela Day, in honor of Nelson Mandela. The former President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize winner, spent his life fighting racial discrimination and segregation, called apartheid. Mandela was South Africa’s first black president, winning the first democratic election after apartheid ended. He was born 100 years ago today!

Pyramid of Roses

In what may be a world record, residents of Pedro Moncayo Ecuador built a sculpture out of 500,000 roses. The flowers form a 3600 square-foot, flat-topped pyramid. It’s a replica of an ancient pyramid in Cochasqui archaeological park in northern Ecuador. The roses were grown in the country’s highlands, in the Andes mountains.


Teen is Generous AND Talented

France’s soccer team was victorious over Croatia, to win the FIFA World Cup this week. But a charity group was the big winner. 19 year-old Kylian Mbappe, a star striker on the French team, donated his $500,000 in winnings to Premiers de Cordee. The organization helps disabled and hospitalized children play sports.


Quadrillions of Diamonds

Scientists have discovered a ton of diamonds deep below the Earth’s surface. Actually, it’s more like a qhadrillion tonnes! The diamonds are quite difficult to reach. They’re 200 miles deep, in underground rock formations called cratons, which are like upside-down mountains. Scientists used sound waves to detect the abundance of diamonds.


Really Stale Bread Discovered

Historians and archaeologists believed bread was around since the rise of agriculture, when people first started growing plants. But bread scraps over 14,000 years old have been discovered in the Middle East! That’s 4000 years earlier than previously believed. Apparently, Paleolithic hunter-gatherers were also bakers!


Tattooed Texts

Today is World Emoji Day! If you send a text message, don’t use words. Just use pictures! There are over 1800 emoji, and the smiley faces and their friends even have their own movie! If you prefer pictures on your body, it’s also National Tattoo Day. Time to plaster your arms with fake tattoos!


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