I Want a Croissant

Yum-yum-yum, today is National Croissant Day. Crescent-shaped rolls have been around since at least the 13th century, but the secret to the flaky croissants we love today is laminated dough. Laminating is folding butter into the dough making multiple thin layers. It makes an airy, buttery pastry. I’ll take a chocolate croissant, please!


Rubik’s Cube Whiz

Australian Feliks Zemdegs matched a world record held by Steve Cho when he solved a Rubik’s cube in 4.59 seconds. Feliks says he’s no math whiz; he just looked up some online tutorials on YouTube and got addicted. He started when he was 12 and has been improving his time for the last 10 years.


Flying Into the Sun

NASA has always wanted to get a close look at the sun. That will finally happen this summer when the Parker Solar Probe is launched. The probe will orbit within 4 million miles of the sun’s surface, flying inside the sun’s corona. It’ll have to withstand temperatures up to 2600 degrees Fahrenheit! Don’t forget the sunblock!


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