Skaters Chain for Change

The temperature was -11 degrees Fahrenheit, but nearly 400 people still gathered in Winnipeg Canada to form the world’s longest chain of ice skaters. They held each other’s waists like a giant conga line and had to skate 400 meters without breaking the chain. They called the event Chain For Change and raised $145,000 for Cancer Care Manitoba!


Hands Off My Nutella

Today is World Nutella Day. Nutella is a spread made from cocoa and hazelnuts. People love it so much that when French supermarket Intermarché had Nutella on sale at a 70% discount, customers were fighting each other for it! The stores had to hand out one jar per person to make them share.


Zip Past the Super Bowl

There’s more to do than see the Super Bowl if you’re in Saint Paul Minnesota today. You can ride on the world’s longest zip line across the Mississippi River! The Bold North Zip Line is 110 feet tall and nearly 800 feet long. 10,000 tickets have been sold for the quickest way across the Mississippi.


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