What is Cyber Monday, Anyway?

First comes Thanksgiving, then Black Friday. Well, today is Cyber Monday. It first started back in 2005, when people went back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday and shopped online using their fast internet connections. It’s the best day to buy gifts online because there are lots of special discounts. Did I tell you how much I love hats?

First Ever Interstellar Asteroid Spotted

Scientists have spotted the first ever interstellar asteroid. It is traveling through our solar system at 200,000 miles per hour, but it came from another solar system. The asteroid is a dark red rock shaped like a 400 meter cigar. That’s 15,748 inches long! It was first detected by a telescope in Hawaii so they named it the Hawaiian word for a messenger from afar arriving first, ‘Oumuamua.

Design a tool to be used in space!

Do you think you could design a tool that would be useful in space? Students can use free 3D design software to create a new combination tool from two tools already being used on the International Space Station. The best design will be 3D printed in space! Look for the Two for the Crew Challenge on NASA.gov and submit your idea before December 19th! Maybe you’ll grow up to be an astronaut and get to use your own invention!

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