App Contests Contests created apps contests as a tool to help identify, recognize and promote quality kids digital media.  With the millions of apps in the marketplace spread out over a myriad of platforms, formats, and frameworks discoverability has become extremely challenging .  Submitting your application(s) will not only help your content get discovered, but you will also have a chance to win and be awarded with marketing, promotions and prizes!!!

Current Contest:

Apps For Kids Winter Contest




Why Enter?  Benefits for Your Brand

In addition to the rewards provided to the winner, being part of the contest will provide you with great exposure.  Round 1 of voting is user based, so being part of this contest will help the public learn about your brand and your content.

All entries will also include back-links to your website, developer storefront, and individual apps. That will help with discoverability by end users and search engines alike.

How do I enter?

Register through our easy to use online submission form.