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By Springbay Studio Ltd.

In this app targeted for kids 9-11, Professor Bio is your child’s guide.  He will help you explore the wetland habitat and all the amazing species within it. Your child can do things like: build a Bio Dome and interact with their fascinating food webs through immersive game play.

Availability: iPad
Made for: Ages 9 to 11
Cost: $2.99
Category: Education
Launch Update: 10/27/2014
Languages: Multiple
Does not contain In App Purchases.
Does not contain third party advertising.

Educational Goals:
Curriculum-based biology learning through exploration, discovery and problem solving.
Biology concepts reinforced: ecosystems, energy and dynamics

Video Walkthrough:

• Explore 3 unique wetland habitats – fresh water marsh, salt water marsh and mangrove swamp
• Unlock 50+ amazing species that live in the wetland habitat, covering 8 different categories from Crustacea, Molluscs, Insects, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, Amphibians to Mammals
• Discover the biology within – the amazing food webs behind the scene, from the immersive gameplay
• Build 4 beautifully illustrated bio domes from scratch
• The ultimate challenge – make each dome flourish. No high scores, but rare badges and excitement are the rewards
•  Enjoy the vivid hand-drawn animations

They do not collect or share personal information about your child nor do they allow any third-party advertising.

About the Developer / Publisher

•  Springbay Studio is casual game developer that is dedicated to fun games that help people connect.

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