That’s an Odd Farm Animal

Animal rescuers in England, helped a confused seal pup get back to the sea. The seal had made his way up the River Ribble, then crossed 3 fields before a farmer found him,18 miles from the ocean. He must have been exploring the waterways, then gotten lost. He’s back home safe and sound now.

Passive Houses Keep the Heat In

An energy-efficient house in Maine, stays a comfortable 70° Fahrenheit inside, even when it’s freezing outside. Known as a passive house, it uses just a small heat pump, to maintain that temperature. Sunlight streams in through a wall of windows, and generates electricity through rooftop solar panels. Their winter energy bills, are only $13-per-month!

Imitate a Hippo At Your Own Risk

If you ever have to choose a standoff between a grizzly bear or a hippo, choose the bear. Hippos are more dangerous! They can also run 30 miles-per-hour, and spray poop to keep strangers away. Researchers found that playing the sound of an unknown hippo wheeze-honking, caused hippos to fling poop, marking their territory.

G’Day Mate!

Today is Australia Day, when the country was founded as a British colony in 17 88, but it had disastrous effects on the Indigenous people living there. Celebrate the fascinating land itself, by learning more about its unique animals, like koalas, kangaroos, quokkas, and numbats, as well as corals in the Great Barrier Reef.

Crunchy Juice

Today is Green Juice Day. Smoothies made with spinach or kale, green grapes, and other fruits and vegetables, might surprise you with their deliciousness! It’s also Peanut Brittle Day. The buttery hard candy is full of peanuts, and can stick in your teeth, so you can wash it down with your healthy green juice!

Nesting Grounds of Long-Necked Giants

Paleontologists in India, have made an amazing discovery. They found a bunch of fossilized dinosaur nests, containing 6 new species of Titanosaurids. 92 clutches held a total of 256 eggs, most around 6 inches in diameter. They believe the eggs had been laid near water, that flooded the nesting site during the Cretaceous Period.

Forgotten Treasure

Long ago, someone moved to New York from the Netherlands, bringing a painting with them. At some point, the oil painting was stored in a farm shed, where it got dusty and covered with bird poop. It turns out it was painted around 16 16, by Dutch Master Anthony van Dyck. It’s worth $3,000,000,000!

Plants Evolve Into Toilets

Most pitcher plants are carnivorous. They trap and digest insects for nutrients. Some species of pitcher plants, however, have evolved to digest animal poop instead. The plants get a hefty dose of nitrogen from the droppings of shrews, rats, and bats, while the animals eat carbohydrates off the plant lids. Everyone’s happy.

Okay Books, Let’s All Smile

Taking photos of yourself can be entertaining, but today is meant for more studious selfies. It’s Library Shelfie Day. Arrange all your favorite books on shelves behind you, and then pose with them. You could even visit an actual library, and get a group shot with your favorite author’s books. Smile and say “Reed!”

Please Don’t Take Me to the Park

Today is Opposite Day, so say the opposite of what you mean. Ice cream is horrible! I love getting tons of homework! I want to clean the toilets! Don’t forget to say, “Just kidding, it’s Opposite Day,” or you might confuse a lot of people! Just don’t give opposite answers on tests.

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