Hop Skip and Roll

Zorawar Singh is a jump-rope athlete in India. The 21-year-old holds multiple world records for different methods of skipping rope, but he just set a record with a new twist. He completed 147 skips in 30 seconds, while wearing roller skates! He practiced 4 hours a day to perfect his new skill.

I’m a Little Teapot, Worth a Lot!

A British man was cleaning out his family’s garage, when he found a little teapot. He nearly donated it to a thrift store, but decided to have it appraised first. It was actually an 18th century wine jug, that may have been used by the Chinese Emperor Qianlong. It sold at auction for nearly $500,000!

TP Shortage? No Problem!

Have you ever wondered what people used before toilet paper was invented? Literature, art, and archaeological artifacts, give us some answers. 2000 years ago in China, they used a hygiene stick, made of cloth-covered bamboo. Ancient Greeks and Romans used oval-shaped ceramic pieces, called pessoi. Moss, seashells, snow, and even hands, also did the trick!

Neighbors, Family, and Pie

Does your family love pie? It’s Family Day, and Strawberry Cream Pie Day, so share some with your family. Then play a board game together, or play ball or tag outside. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and say hi to your neighbors, for Good Neighbor Day. Maybe they’d like some pie too!

I Love This Tree So, So, Much

Adrienne Long loves trees, and wanted to find a way to raise money for her local Audubon Society. She decided to become a world-class tree-hugger! Adrienne wrapped her arms around a walnut tree in Chattanooga Tennessee, for 10 hours and 5 minutes, to break the world record. Her friend Sarah Medley, kept her entertained.

Florida is Heating Up

The CLEO Institute is raising awareness of climate change, with their “Melting Florida” campaign. They placed a wax sculpture of a man and his granddaughter, eating ice cream cones on a bench. The sculpture will melt in a few days, and reveal a message reading, “More heat, less health.”

Second Chance Shopping

There’s a department store in Germany, that sells only recycled items. Berlin’s B-Wa(h)renhaus stocks everything from clothes and furniture, to phones and electronics. Some stuff has been repaired by experts. Other items are perfectly good discards, from retail stores. Things that still function shouldn’t be thrown out, but go to a new home instead.

Tour Your Own Town

Today is Tourism Day, but it’s not a very good time to be a tourist. Traveling during the pandemic takes special care, to avoid spreading COVID-19. Instead, explore close to home. Today is also Rivers Day, so picnic by a local river , or skip stones in a creek! Look for wildlife in the water.

Who Were Your Ancestors?

Today is Ancestor Appreciation Day. Did any of your ancestors come from other countries? Make a family tree, label your parents and grandparents, and see how far back you can trace. Then go stomp a soda can for Crush A Can Day. It’s fun, plus it makes it more compact to recycle!

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