I Can’t Move My Arms

Sophia Hayden, knows all about dressing in layers. The Washington girl set a new world record, for wearing the most sweaters at once. She carefully pulled on sweater after sweater, until she was wearing 45 of them! The sweaters were then donated to charity, to keep more than just one person warm.

This Year’s Butterfly Migration Is Winding Down

Butterfly season is nearing its end, in California’s Pismo Beach Butterfly Grove. Park rangers track the Western monarch butterflies’ migration each year, as they arrive by the thousands. The orange-and-black butterflies, quietly flutter on every tree, like a beautiful living curtain. You can visit the spectacular butterfly show, until the migration tapers off.

Encourage Spring With a Hoodie-Hoo

Back in August, it was Southern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day. Now it’s the Northern Hemisphere’s turn. If it’s winter where you live, and you want to chase it away, go outside at noon, wave your hands above your head, and chant “Hoodie-hoo!” The people sick of summer, would happily send some heat your way.

Sink Into a Chair That Feels Like a Muffin

Do you have a favorite comfortable chair, and fuzzy blanket? Claim them right away, because it’s Comfy Day. Get dressed in your softest well-worn sweatpants, and settle in with a warm drink and a muffin, since it’s also Muffin Day. Do you prefer chocolate chip, banana-nut, or blueberry muffins? I’ll have one of each!

Eat Cherry Pie With Your Hairy Pets

Today is Love Your Pet Day! Make sure you give your companions a little extra attention, whether it’s your dog, cat, tarantula, or pet rock! It’s also Cherry Pie Day. Try baking one from scratch, and make a bonus pie filled with your pet’s favorite food. Don’t get them mixed up! Tuna pie sounds gross.

Fill Up On Bread

Scientists are experimenting with a new type of bread flour, that helps fill you up. They added flour made from chickpeas, to regular wheat flour. After eating the chickpea-enhanced bread, volunteers felt fuller for longer, and had lower glucose levels. The healthier bread could help people lower their risk of obesity and diabetes.

Lashes Keep the Dust Out

Today is Lash Day. Eyelashes form a curtain of protection, to keep dirt and dust from getting into your eyes, which is why camels have such luscious lashes. Elephants have the longest eyelashes, at 5 inches long. Did you know, we all have harmless microscopic bugs living in our lashes? Tell them hello today!

Mints for the Winners

Today is International Tug-of-War Day. It’s an ancient game of strength that used to be an Olympic sport, where 2 teams pull on a rope in opposite directions. The Vikings used to play tug-of-war over a fire pit! Give the winner a box of Thin Mints, because it’s also Chocolate Mint Day. Yum!

It’s Not Easy Being President

In the United States, today is Presidents Day. It honors the first president, George Washington, and the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. They were both born in February, so their birthdays are celebrated right between the 2. Is your birthday in February? If you become president, we’ll celebrate you on Presidents Day also.

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