Old Feline Is Still Feeling Fine

A cat named Rosie, celebrated a big birthday yesterday. She just turned 32! Her human, Lila Brissett, adopted Rosie as a kitten in 19 91. She gave Rosie a salmon cake to celebrate, and is working on getting her certified as the oldest living cat. Flossie is the official record-holder, but she’s only 27!

These Kittens Will Get Very Big

A mountain lion living in the Simi Hills of California, is a new mom. The mountain lion, also known as a cougar or panther, has been living on a small patch of land between two freeways. National Park Service biologists track the area’s cougars, and they discovered her litter of 3 adorable kittens.

Always Love Yourself

June is Pride Month, celebrated by the LGBTQ+ community and their supporters. LGBTQ stands for lesbian-gay-bi-trans-queer, and the + represents all the other variations, because there are so many different kinds of people. Whether you’re a boy, girl, or in-between, no matter who you love, or how you dress, be proud to be you.

Rocky Road Fudge Repels Snakes

It’s Rocky Road Day! Rocky road ice cream and fudge is made with marshmallows, nuts and chocolate. No rocks. Speaking of fudge, it’s also Yell “Fudge” At The Cobras In North America Day. Since everyone knows snakes hate fudge, it’ll make them slither away in disgust. Yell “fudge” at noon, with the whole continent!

Dozen a Doughnut Sound Good?

Roll out of bed, for Doughnut Day! Some stores, like Krispy Kreme and Duck Donuts are giving away free doughnuts, while other places like Dunkin’, will give you a doughnut if you buy a drink. Check your favorite doughnut shop for deals. You can also make easy donuts, with canned biscuit dough.

Protect Our Undersea Ecosystems

Did you know, some sunscreens are harmful to coral reefs? It’s World Reef Awareness Day, and these important ecosystems are in trouble. Plastic pollution in the ocean, harmful chemicals from tourists’ sunblocks, or rising water temperatures of only 2-4 degrees Fahrenheit, can cause coral reefs to eventually die. Let’s all work to save the reefs!

I Double-Dare You

Remember your New Year’s resolutions? It’s New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day, to let you try again to keep them. It’s also Dare Day, so I dare you to wear a dress, flip a coin, eat an olive, and drink some milk, to celebrate World Milk, Olive, Wear A Dress, and Flip A Coin Day.

Send Nice Words To a Pal

You’re such a nice person! I like that shirt you’re wearing. Today is Say Something Nice Day. Complimenting someone can really brighten their day. Try it and see! It’s also Pen Pal Day. Texting and e-mail are easy ways to write to people, but sending a hand-written letter in the mail is something special.

Bare Feet Off the Table Please

Can’t find your shoes? Who cares! It’s Go Barefoot Day! Feel some lush grass, warm sand, or fuzzy carpet between your toes. It’s also Nail Polish Day, so paint your toenails. Make them look like dragon claws, and play Dungeons and Dragons, for Tabletop Day. What’s your favorite tabletop game?

A Big Day for Dinosaurs

Young paleontologists will be happy to know, it’s Dinosaur Day! Practice your excavation skills, by burying toy dinosaurs in a sandbox. Identify the species, then research when it lived. Dinosaurs from the Jurassic Period, like the brachiosaurus and stegosaurus, lived from 201,000,000 to 145,000,000 years ago. Tyrannosaurus rex lived later, in the Cretaceous Period.

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