Cooler Nights, Louder Crickets

I hear crickets chirping! Male crickets chirp to attract females, by rubbing their wings together. Crickets can also tell you the temperature outside! Count how many times a cricket chirps in 14 seconds, then add 40, for an approximate temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. For Celsius, count the chirps in 25 seconds, divide by 3, then add 4.

Ancient Underground City Discovered

2 years ago, workers doing restoration work, on houses in Turkey, found a small cave. Further investigation showed there were other man-made chambers inside. Now, an entire underground city has been discovered, that may have been home to 70,000 people during the time of Imperial Rome. They’ve only excavated a tiny bit so far.

Little Armored Dinosaur

Paleontologists in South America, have discovered fossils of a new dinosaur. The species, called Jakapil kaniukura, lived over 94,000,000 years ago,in the Cretaceous era. The small herbivore was about 5 feet long, with prickly spines running down its back and tail. J kanikura walked upright, and had a strong beak, to eat woody plants.

Deliciousness on a Stick

Today is Creamsicle Day! Creamsicles are vanilla ice cream on a popsicle stick, covered with an orange flavored coating. 11 year-old Frank Epperson, made the original creamsicle in 1905, when he experimented with freezing orange juice around a vanilla ice cream popsicle. He originally called his inventions, “Epsicles”!

Only 75 Years Overdue

When Bob Jablonski was in high school, in 1947, he checked out a book from the library, and forgot to return it. Bob, now 89, recently found it while reorganizing his home. He returned the overdue book to the Jersey City Free Public Library, who had luckily done away with late fines last year.

The Appeal of Banana Peels

When you eat a banana, don’t throw away the peel. Did you know you can eat them? They can be dried and ground up into flour, and used for baking. Banana peels can be turned into fake bacon and pulled peel pork, or used in curries. If that sounds too hard, just compost them.

Love Your Lake

Today is Celebrate Your Lakes Day? Look for your nearest lake on a map. It’ll look like a blue blob. Maybe you live in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, or perhaps you live near one of the Great Lakes, that look more like the ocean. Some lakes are man-made. Visit your favorite one.

Hooray for Lefties

Lefties, this day is for you! It’s International Left-Handers Day! About 10% of the population is left-handed. To stand out today, make people awkwardly shake hands with their left hands. Ask right-handers to write, or throw a ball with their left hands, for a good laugh.

Roll Through the Bargains

Today is Garage Sale Day. Also called yard sales or boot sales, they’re full of treasures. Shop early in the morning before the best stuff is gone. Maybe you’ll find a bowling ball, for Bowling Day. Your local bowling alley might have special deals, so you can test it out.

The Lego Engine That Could

14-year-old Alexander Blong, of New Zealand, built an epic Lego train. He created an 82-foot-long train with 101 cars, earning him a world record. The engine had to pull all the cars for 10 meters, and the entire train had to be constructed using only pieces, contained in the Lego set number 60197.

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