Area 51 is Still a Mystery

The plan was for 2,000,000 people to storm Area 51, a U.S. military base where some people think the government is hiding aliens from outer space. In reality, 3000 people showed up in Nevada yesterday for music festivals, 40 people gathered near the base, and one person was seen doing the Naruto run! No aliens were spotted.

There’s a Turtle in My Tea

A Japanese company called Ocean Teabags, is making tea more exciting. They have teabags shaped like creatures, that move in your cup! Whether it’s a squid or octopus, a penguin or dolphin, or even a giant isopod, it’s sure to make your cup of tea interesting. You can order them online, for teatime fun.

Museums and Music

More than 1500 museums across the United States will participate in Museum Day, and let you visit for free. This year’s theme is the Smithsonian Year of Music, so many museums will have special music programs. You can print out tickets at The Smithsonian museums in Washington DC, are always free!

The Coast is Clear

It’s Miniature Golf Day. Many beach towns have mini golf courses with dinosaurs! After getting a hole-in-one, go to the beach for Coastal Cleanup Day, and help by picking up trash. Since it’s also World Gratitude Day, the Earth will thank you! You can even thank yourself, with cookies! It’s Pecan Cookie Day too.


Climate Action for Peace

Today is the International Day of Peace. The United Nations picks a theme each year, and this year it’s Climate Action for Peace. As millions of people around the world gathered yesterday in marches, to show their support for fighting against climate change, it’s clear the world is ready for positive changes!

Dolphins Needed Directions

A group of dolphins got trapped in a waterway in Florida, when they couldn’t find their way back to Tampa Bay. A team of conservationists made a human chain across the canal, to guide the 2 mother dolphins and their calves back to the bay, where the water was safer for them. Yay!

Tilt It Just Right

You may have seen Heinz Ketchup bottles at the store, with crooked labels. It’s not a mistake! The company designed the new labels, so that they will be straight when you pour the ketchup from the perfect angle. If it still won’t come out of the bottle, just use mustard!

Nice Sunflowers Share

Researchers found that sunflowers can communicate with each other! If one plant has lots of nutrients in its soil, it will let the surrounding plants know, so they can stretch their roots over and share the food! But sometimes, a selfish sunflower quickly sucks up all the nutrients when they sense a hungry neighbor!

Save the Earth

Around the world today, many kids will be skipping school to join the Global Climate Strike. 16-year-old Greta Thunberg started the Friday school strikes, as a way to get adults to take action to save the planet from environmental damage. Adults can join kids, by finding a local protest to attend.

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