I Think I Ate Too Much

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, is an annual 4th of July tradition in New York. Due to COVID-19, millions of viewers watched on TV instead of in person, as Joey Chestnut ate a world-record 78 hotdogs in 10 minutes! Miki Sudo set the women’s record, with 48.5 hot dogs. Joey gained 24 pounds in one meal!

Heroes of EspaƱola Island are Welcomed Home

55 years ago, the last 14 EspaƱola tortoises on Earth, were taken from the Galapagos Islands and put into a captive breeding program, in order to save the species. They became parents to over 1900 baby tortoises over the years, and grandparents to hundreds more. They’ve finally been returned home, after saving their species from extinction.

Prehistoric Business Geese

Did you know, the word penguin in Mandarin Chinese, translates to business goose? 37 to 34 million years ago, giant penguin-like birds known as plotopterids lived in North America and Japan. They were over 6 feet tall, had webbed feet, and swam using their wings like flippers. Maybe their feathers looked like loincloths instead of tuxedos!

No Pencil Sharpener Needed

Do you use mechanical pencils at school? The cheap plastic ones give you a nice sharp point to write with, until the lead falls out. Maybe you need the Graf von Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil. It’s made of wood, gold, and diamonds, and it only costs $12,000. It’s the perfect gift for Mechanical Pencil Day!

Bluebird’s Big Day Out

When Bluebird, the crested oropendola blackbird, went missing from the Buffalo Zoo in New York, birdwatchers were called in to help. The Buffalo-Niagara Birding group got out their binoculars, to look for the South American bird. He was soon spotted in someone’s yard, and safely recaptured and returned to the zoo.

Eat Your Straw

How would you like to help farmers, cut back on your use of plastic, and have a crunchy snack, all at once? Edible straws are coming, to make it happen. Straws made from coconut water, rice and tapioca, sugarcane, and dried grass, are all alternatives to plastic that can be eaten or composted.

Exploding Elements

July is full of fireworks, but do you know what creates different colors? Yellow bursts are made with sodium. Red, green, and blue flares come from strontium, barium, and copper. White bursts are created with aluminum or magnesium, while golden sparkles use carbon. Combining ingredients creates even more colors! Pyrotechnics require serious scientific knowledge!

Throw Some Jackfruit on the Grill

Today is Jackfruit Day. It’s high in protein and tastes similar to pork, so it’s a great food to eat instead of meat. That’s perfect, because it’s also Independence From Meat Day! Better yet, it’s Barbecue Day, and Caesar Salad Day, so you can barbecue slabs of jackfruit, and eat it with a salad!

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