Litterbugs Stink!

No matter how bad a diaper smells, you still can’t toss it out the window. A driver in Indiana got a ticket for littering, when a stinky diaper came flying out the back window and hit a police officer’s car. Aside from being hazardous to drivers, littering is just rude to the planet!

10 Billion Earths?

Researchers using data from NASA’s Kepler telescope, believe there could be Earth-like planets orbiting around 1 in 4 stars. That means there could be up to 10,000,000,000 planets like ours, in the Milky Way galaxy alone! Earth-sized planets of a habitable temperature, that orbit their stars at a distance that could support liquid water, aren’t that uncommon!

Water Fight, Anyone?

You never know who’d secretly love a good squirt gun battle. YouTuber Josh Roth, spent a hot afternoon challenging strangersĀ in Richmond Virginia to a water fight. He supplied the invitation and the super soakers, and those who accepted were blasted with refreshing fun! Try your own challenge, and see who’s willing to play!

Cookies are a Big Dill

How does a pickle Oreo sound to you? Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, is selling them! They split an Oreo cookie open to add a dill pickle slice, then dip it all in chocolate. Uncle Joe’s also sells pickle soda, pickle cotton candy, pickle lollipops, and pickle mints!

Life Before Cell Phones

Today is National Spumoni Day! Even though it’s often hard to find, it’s my favorite ice cream flavor! It has cherry, pistachio, and chocolate layers with candied fruits and nuts. It’s also Senior Citizens Day! Seniors can tell you awesome stories about the olden days before cell phones. Just ask!

Moose Crashes Pool Party

A family in Alaska was having a party, when an unexpected guest showed up. Annan Anderson’s daughters ran inside when a moose wandered in, drank water from the kiddie pool, and helped herself to a taco! It’s not every day, that your pool party gets crashed by a moose!

Deep Space Radio Bursts

Since the start of 2019, astronomers have detected 8 repeating signals from deep space. The fast radio bursts, or FRBs, were detected by the CHIME radio telescope, which stands for Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment. Each burst lasts only a few milliseconds, and discharges more energy than 500,000,000 suns! What causes FRBs is still a mystery!

Lofty Garden Goals

The largest urban farm in Europe will open in Paris next year, and it will feed thousands of people. They won’t even have to find space on the ground, because it will be planted on a rooftop! The rooftop gardens will use very little water, and no pesticides. What a great use of space!

The Radio’s Buzzing

Turn off the TV and put down your screens today. It’s National Radio Day! The radio was invented in the late 18 100’s. Before television, people gathered around the radio to listen to shows, like Dragnet or Gunsmoke. It’s also World Mosquito Day. Mosquitoes spread malaria and other diseases. But they’re great food for bats!

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