Snack Bar for the Bees

Bee populations are dwindling as cities grow, and sometimes a bee can’t find flowers for its next meal. Now you can get a Bee Savior Card, which looks like a credit card with stashes of sugar water. If you spot an exhausted honeybee on the sidewalk, open the foil and give him a snack!

Stay Away From the Spot With No Waves

Do you know how to recognize a rip current, at the beach? The fast-moving current, can pull you quickly out to sea. The water might look calmer, between the sections where waves are breaking, but that’s the most dangerous area. If you get caught in a rip, swim parallel to shore, to escape it.

Free Parks For 4th Graders

Hey 4th graders, have you gone to a National Park yet this summer? The year you’re in 4th grade in the United States, you can get into any National Park for free! Students can print a free annual pass, good for everyone in the car, at Where will you go first?

Pralines on Parchment

People used to write on parchment, which was made from animal skins. Today is Parchment Day, but it’s meant to celebrate cellulose-based parchment paper in the kitchen. Line your pans and cookie sheets with parchment paper, for non-sticky, easy-clean baking. You’ll appreciate it when you make crunchy-sweet toffee, for Almond Buttercrunch Day. It’s yummy.

Your Waffle Is So Photogenic

Waffles are a great invention. They’re like pancakes, but designed to hold pools of syrup! Today is Waffle Iron Day, so I’m going to use my Darth Vader and Hello Kitty irons to make fun waffles! It’s also Camera Day. Learn all the special features on your camera, and take lots of pictures!

Proud to Be the Ugliest Dog

There’s a new winner, of the World’s Ugliest Dog contest. A Chinese crested chihuahua named Mr Happy Face holds the title. The 17-year-old dog was adopted last year by Janeda Banelly, who fell in love with his happy attitude. They won $1000, and a trip to New York to appear on tv’s Today show.

Dyslexia Brings Other Special Skills

Dyslexia is a common learning disability, that can make it difficult to read or write. But some of history’s greatest minds, such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Leonardo da Vinci, have been dyslexic. Scientists discovered that people with dyslexia are better at problem solving. They can adapt to challenges and explore the unknown.

Deepest Shipwreck Ever Found

The deepest shipwreck ever found, is located near the Philippines. The USS Samuel B Roberts, went down during World War 2, and was recently discovered 23,000 feet deep. Using a submersible, a crew filmed the wreckage, including a torpedo launcher and gun mount. They kept their distance, in case the ammo was still active.

Happy Tapioca

Today is Happy Heart Hugs Day. It was created for anyone who “fills your heart with happy, that’s not close enough for regular-type hugs.” They’re the perfect socially-distanced hug. It’s also Tapioca Day. Tapioca is a starch made from the cassava plant. They’re the beads that look like frog eggs, in tapioca pudding.

Legendary Lumberjack

Today is Paul Bunyan Day, named for the giant North American lumberjack. His big blue ox was named Babe. Legend says Paul Bunyan sawed the legs off his parents’ bed when he was 7 months old. He formed the Great Lakes as watering holes for Babe, and made the Grand Canyon by dragging his axe.

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