Chimps Have a Cleaner Bed Than You

Don’t get annoyed that you have to make your bed every morning. Chimpanzees have to make their bed every night, literally! They weave a new bed each evening out of sticks and leaves, 30 feet up in a tree. Researchers found that chimp beds have very few parasites or microbes, unlike human beds. Ours are full of microbes!

This Doesn’t Look Like Ireland

On this day in 1938, Wrong Way Corrigan took his new plane on a transatlantic flight, from New York to Ireland. Actually, he was supposed to be flying the opposite direction, to California. He claimed his compass wasn’t working, and the clouds prevented him from noticing, he was flying over water instead of land.

17 Is Something Special

In the 1960’s, Princeton University math students Michael Spivak and David Kelly, got obsessed with the number, 17. The prime number, which is a number that can only be divided by itself and 1, is also the sum of the first 4 prime numbers. To celebrate 17, they created Yellow Pig Day, with a 17-toed-and-toothed mascot.

A Bumper Crop of Georgia Peaches

Although the state is known for its juicy peaches, farmers in Georgia last year, lost more than 90% of their crop because of a heat wave in February, followed by late-spring frosts. This year’s harvest is just the opposite, with loads of sweet, delicious peaches. I’m glad, because today is Peach Ice Cream Day.

Your Text Needs a Tattoo

Today is World Emoji Day! If you send a text message, don’t use words. Just use pictures! There are more than 3600 emojis, so take some time to scroll through all the newest ones! If you prefer pictures on your body, it’s also Tattoo Day. Time to plaster your arms with fake tattoos!

Doing Things the Hard Way

Have you ever dreamed of cycling, across an entire country? Eamonn Keaveney made his dream come true, while setting a world record. He rode the length of Ireland in 5 days, 5 hours, and 23 minutes, on a unicycle! He’s also set a world record by climbing 10 mountains in 10 days, while barefoot.

Plot a Place to Peer at the Perseids

You’ve got a few weeks, to plan a camping trip. That would be the best way to spend a night under the stars, watching the Perseid meteor showers. August 11th-12th will be the peak, as the Earth passes through fields of comet waste. The debris burns up, causing the shooting stars in our skies.

Try Your Best Belly Crawl

Today is World Snake Day. Have you ever touched a snake’s smooth scaly skin? Medusa, a reticulated python, was the longest snake in the world, at 25 feet long. Dozens of people could touch her at once! Tiny threadsnakes, are only 4 inches long, and the width of a spaghetti noodle. How cute!

Cheer Up Your Tongue With a Cherry

Today is Cherry Day. See if there’s a farm nearby, where you can pick your own cherries. Although they’re past their peak in further south, they’re ripe through August in northern regions. Do you prefer tart cherries, sweet cherries, or maraschino cherries? Sit in your favorite chair, and taste-test all the cherries.

Snack on Spinach With Your Guinea Pigs

Today is Fresh Spinach Day! Eat a spinach salad, or roll the leaves up and eat them like a carrot. It’s also Guinea Pig Appreciation Day. Give your furry pet lots of love, but only feed them spinach once a week. Guinea pigs are rodents, with individual personalities. They’re great pets, but need lots of space!

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