CotBot City

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CotBot City

By Divine Robot

CotBot City is an entertaining digital app that will help toddlers and young children to learn how to navigate the world in an engaging game-like setting.  Kids can drive through the city on their own virtual car play mat!

Availability: iPhone, iPad & Android
Made for: Ages 3-6
Cost: Paid $2.99
Category: Education
Launch Date: 8/15/2014
App is multi-laungage.
Does not contain third party advertising. ✓
Does not contain In-App-Purchases. ✓

Educational Goals
Kids learn basics of building and managing a city, including recycling, extinguishing fires, running businesses and more.

In CotBot City you can explore the city on a virtual car play mat. You can select buildings for the city yourself, and then you get to pick a vehicle of your choice – fire truck, ice cream truck, garbage truck, school bus or an ordinary car. There are several mini games and fun events to explore as you drive along, all depending on which vehicle you are driving. Sell ice-cream with the ice-cream van, drive to the city dump with the garbage truck and put the garbage in the right can, or extinguish fires with the fire truck!

There are no failures – only fun! Gameplay is infinite, you cannot win, you cannot lose, but you are free to explore the city for as long as you choose.

It contains advanced 3D graphics, and is optimized to run well on older devices, such as an iPad 1.


Official Trailer:

Kids Playing CotBot:

– 9 different buildings to choose from when populating the city
– 7 different vehicles that can be driven around the city
– 5 mini-games inside the game, and lots of fun features to discover
– Original 3D graphics
– Fun sounds and animations
– Easy to use child-friendly interface
– Infinite game play, no rules or points


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About the Developer / Publisher
The game was produced and developed in Sweden by parents of three year old twins.

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