Piiig Labs: Science Experiments for Kids


Piiig Labs: Science Experiments for Kids
By Piiig Inc.

Piiig Labs is a digital playground for your child to explore science concepts in an old fashioned way, by putting together mini projects and learning through interaction and sometimes trial and error. By being “hands on” in the building process, kids get an inside look at how things work!

This is a great way to bring science into your home without the mess!

Availability: iPad
Made for: Ages 5 –  9
Cost: $2.99
Category: Education
Languages: Multiple
Last Update: 11/5/2014

• NO third party advertising
• NO in-app purchases

Educational Goals:
Hands on game for exploring Science.

Video Walkthrough:

• 12 interactive kits with assembly parts
• Build a light bulb circuit and turn it on/off
• Put together a radio and tune to 5 different stations!
• Mix baking soda and vinegar for a volcanic eruption!
• Match animal sounds to the right farm animal
• Themes: electricity, circuits, chemical reaction, color mixing, radio frequency, vortex, sound, and more!
• Child-friendly design


About the Developer / Publisher
Piiig is a digital lab for making child-friendly apps that combine education and game elements to create a learning experience that is both fun and engaging

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