Quick Math Jr


Quick Math Jr.
By Shiny Things Software Pty.

Quick Math Jr. is a math focused app designed to help children (target ages 3-7) learn the foundations of mathematics: counting, addition, subtraction, handwriting numbers and more. The App contains 5 fun learning games that dynamically adjust the difficulty for your child, so they are always receiving questions at the appropriate level.

Availability: iPhone & iPad 
Made for: Ages 3 – 7 (found in “Five and Under” category)
Released on: Oct 30, 2014
Cost: $2.99 (Also available as part of App Bundle)
Category: Education
Languages: Multiple
Does not contain In App Purchases.

Educational Goals:
• Mathematics focused helping children develop sense for numbers, naming, quantities, skip counting and much more.
• Includes basic addition and subtraction learning
• Covers some of US Common Core for Kindergarten and Grade 1

Video Walkthrough:

• Five games aligned with math curriculums (including US Common Core)
• Adaptive difficulty to place players at the appropriate level
• Players progress from multiple-choice to handwritten answers
• Unlimited player profiles for easy device sharing
• Kid Favorite:  You can create your own monster characters by winning new features, then see your creations appear in the game!

About the Developer
Shiny Things:  Team of designers, developers, researchers and educators based in Sydney, Australia. Their goal is to create apps for kids that are simple, engaging, innovative, AND packed full of great educational content.

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