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uKloo  Early Reader App is a seek-and-find literacy game designed for ages 4 and up. In this app kids are encouraged to look up word clues, search the screen to find the clues and in the process discover fun surprises along the way! This is a fun way for your child to gain reading skills.

Availability: iPhone, iPad 
Made for: Ages 4 & Up
Cost: FREE*
*noted in app store as having In-App-Purchase but didn’t encounter this during app play.
Category: Education
Launch Date: 10/10/2013
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Educational Goals
Progressively builds sight reading (visual word recognition) and provides learning opportunities around the basics of sentence structure. Also promotes independent learning and play.

App Store Description:

Juggling cupcakes? A googly-eyed periscope? A pig wearing a hat? You just never know what animated surprise your child will uncover when they play the uKloo Early Reader App.

uKloo Early Reader App is a fun seek-and-find literacy game for ages four and up. It encourages kids to look up word clues, search the play screen and discover surprises along the way! There’s even a picture helper to look up words when kids get stuck. Soon, your child will be reading without even realizing it!

• Progressively builds sight reading (visual word recognition)
• Provides the basics of sentence structure
• Introduces research skills
• Builds confidence
• Promotes independent learning and play
• Makes you giggle

Video Walkthrough

• Engaging surprise animations throughout the game
• Everyday words for early readers
• Word repetition reinforces visual word recognition
• Ten adjustable levels of achievement, progressing from easy three-letter words
• Choice of three to ten clues per round
• Audio assist to play the game
• A Picture Helper that provides:
– illustrations and audio assist to look up words
– basics of sentence structure, including nouns, verbs, prepositions, and adjectives
– an opportunity to develop first research skills!


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About the Developer / Publisher
uKloo Kids, Inc. is a children’s literacy game developer based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2010 by Doreen Dotto, who created the company in hopes of helping her eldest of two sons, Max learn to read (read the full story).  Their first product, uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game earned 10 prestigious awards and is now sold in 19 countries.

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