Double the Stripes

Zoo Miami welcomed boy and girl baby zebras, but they weren’t twins. Two Grevey’s zebras gave birth on the same day! The endangered species is native to Kenya and Ethiopia. They are larger than other zebra species and have thin stripes that stop before reaching the belly. The foals are jumping and running already!


Look Out for Falling Iguanas

In Florida, unusual cold weather has been causing iguanas to fall from the sky. The large cold-blooded lizards have been falling from their perches in trees because they become immobile at low temperatures. They generally recover once they thaw out, so if you find frozen iguanas, move them to a sunny outdoor location.


Snow, Snow, Snow

The United States is seeing snow this month. Winter Storm Benjamin even brought rare snow to Florida and southern Texas. But Mount Baker, a ski resort in Washington’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, holds the record for most snow ever in one season: 1140 inches! That’s 95 feet of snow! I need a bigger shovel.

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