Curiosity Moved the Cat

When Georgia Whipp, of Queensland Australia, noticed her cat was missing, she started to worry. P-Puss likes to get in cars, and her neighbors had just moved away with a truck full of stuff. She contacted the moving company, who found her kitty at the truck depot, 750 miles away! P-Puss is back home now.

See Ya’ Later Alligator

A couple in Florida heard someone knocking at the door. When they went to see who it was, they were shocked to find 2 alligators fighting! They were battling for territory, right on the front stoop. After about 20 minutes, they wandered away on their own. I wonder which alligator won!

Discrimination is Wrong

In cities across the United States, many people are protesting, because they are fighting against racism. They want all people to be treated equally, no matter what color their skin is. Always speak up for people who are being mistreated, whether it’s a kid being bullied, or an adult being mistreated. Do what’s right.

Putting Zimbabwe on the Map

When Tawanda Kanhema looked up Harare, on Google Street View, he was surprised to find his hometown wasn’t there. In fact, the entire country of Zimbabwe was missing! Tawanda works in Silicon Valley, so he traveled back home and put his tech expertise to work. He added 2000 miles of Zimbabwe’s streets, to Google Maps.

More Fudge for Me!

It’s Rocky Road Day! Rocky road ice cream and fudge is made with marshmallows, nuts and chocolate. No rocks. Speaking of fudge, it’s also Yell “Fudge” At The Cobras In North America Day. Since everyone knows snakes hate fudge, it’ll make them slither away in disgust. Yell “fudge” at noon, with the whole continent!

Tremor Visits the International Space Station

When the Crew Dragon spacecraft launched Saturday, it carried 2 astronauts, and a dinosaur named Tremor. The sequined plush dinosaur wasn’t simply Bob or Doug’s favorite toy. It was a zero-gravity indicator. When the stuffed toy started to float, everyone knew the ship had left the pull of Earth’s gravity. All 3 passengers arrived safely.

You Never Know When You’ll Need It

If you saw someone choking, could you help them? The Heimlich Maneuver is a method of using abdominal thrusts, to force air from the lungs, and force an object out of a victim’s airway. You can even do it on yourself, using a chair. Learn how to save a life, for Heimlich Maneuver Day!

Hidden Ocean Ecosystems

Did you know, some sunscreens are harmful to coral reefs? It’s World Reef Awareness Day, and these important ecosystems are in trouble. Plastic pollution in the ocean, harmful chemicals from tourists’ sunblocks, or rising water temperatures of only 2-4 degrees Fahrenheit, can cause coral reefs to eventually die. Let’s all work to save the reefs!

Decorate Your Bare Feet for Fun

Can’t find your shoes? Who cares! It’s Go Barefoot Day! Feel some lush grass, warm sand, or fuzzy carpet between your toes. It’s also Nail Polish Day, so paint your toenails. Make them look like dragon claws! Just keep your feet off the table, to leave room for games, since it’s TableTop Day.

Write Something Nice

You’re such a nice person! I like that shirt you’re wearing. Today is Say Something Nice Day. Complimenting someone can really brighten their day. Try it and see! It’s also Pen Pal Day. Texting and e-mail are easy ways to write to people, but sending a hand-written letter in the mail is something special.

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