Great Balls of Fire

The American Meteorological Society received reports from people in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, who saw a big fireball light up the sky Thursday night. A daytime fireball was seen the same day from Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands! September 12th was a popular day for meteorites!

Squirrel is Asleep on the Job

The youngest police officer ever, was asleep on the job in Connecticut. Police rescued a baby squirrel from the middle of the road, and named him Officer Nibbles! They gave himĀ  his own office in a box, where he spent the night shift. A wildlife rehabilitator transferred Officer Nibbles the next day.

Bat-Friendly Lighting

Worcestershire County in England is turning on the bat lights. Some types of bats won’t cross roads lit by white lights, which can affect their food supplies. A stretch of highway near the Warndon Wood Nature Preserve, will be lit by red LED lights, that don’t bother the bats. It’s a great compromise!

Some Things Stay the Same

Ask your parents what some of their favorite toys were, when they were kids. Do you have any of them? A study of American families showed that, despite living in the digital age, kids still love toys that have been around for decades, like Play-Doh, Mr. Potato Head, Candy Land, and plastic dinosaurs. Awesome!


Today is National Play-Doh Day! The squishy dough started out as a wallpaper cleaner, but Joe McVicker made a colorful version for kids in 1956. It’s Guacamole Day also. Smash up an avocado with some salt for the easiest guacamole ever! Then go outside and find some cool rocks. It’s Collect Rocks Day!

Record-Breaking Goat Yoga Class

Yesterday, the largest Goat Yoga class in the world took place in Florida. 501 humans and 115 goats gathered at the Grady Goat Farm to practice yoga together. The goats wander around encouraging people, climbing on their backs, and letting themselves get hugged and loved. It’s a tough life, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Gardens are Looking Up

Terry Garrett knew how much his brother loved gardening, so it made him sad to see him lose the ability once he was confined to a wheelchair. Terry developed Elevated Gardens, that stand 30 inches tall! People in wheelchairs can easily work on the small gardens. Now even people in nursing homes can keep gardening!

Wait for Free Museum Day

Are you thinking of going to a museum today? Maybe you should put it off until next Saturday, September 21st, when it might be free! More than 1500 museums across the United States will participate in Museum Day. You can print out tickets at Of course, Smithsonian museums in Washington DC are always free!

Help Greenpeace Save the World

Today is Greenpeace Day. The organization was started in 1971, when activists tried to stop nuclear testing off the shores of Alaska. Ever since, the group has been fighting to save the Arctic, whales, and the environment. They’ve raised awareness about the damage being done to the Earth, but it’s everyone’s job to protect it!

Hair, Hat, or Batman?

Today is World Afro Day. If you have hair that grows into an afro, show off your beautiful, natural hair! Luckily, it’s also Felt Hat Day, as well as Make A Hat Day, so everyone else can cover their hair up. You can even cover your entire body, because it’s also Batman Day!

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