Airborne Sausage Delivery

Runaway dogs can soon get confused, and put themselves in danger when people try to catch them. A dog in England, was roaming around dangerous mud flats, so Denmead Drone Search and Rescue swooped in to help. They lured Millie out, with a drone carrying a sausage. Millie was soon reunited with her family.

Kitty Cat Connection Problems

Starlink satellite dishes, provide internet service for people. They also provide warmth, for cats! A man was confused about his slow internet service, especially since the dishes are heated, to prevent snow from interfering with the connection. When he investigated, he found 5 cats, keeping warm and cozy in his satellite dish.

Sipping From Afar

In 18 97, archaeologists found long metal tubes, in an ancient Maikop burial mound. It’s taken this long, to figure out what they are. The slender, 3-foot-long gold and silver tubes, are the world’s oldest drinking straws! Evidence suggest that 5,500 years ago, people drank beer through the filtered straws, from a communal pot.

Skip the Cowpie

March 14th is Pi Day, spelled P-I, which is a mathematical term. Today however, is Pie Day, spelled P-I-E, which is a delicious food term. Eat everything in a flaky crust today! Have quiche, pumpkin pie, pot pie, lemon meringue pie, shepherd’s pie, apple pie, cherry-blueberry-chocolate cream-strawberry rhubarb pie-pie-pie!

Try Your Footwriting Too

How big are your feet? You might know what size you wear, but I bet you don’t know how many centimeters long they are! Today is Measure Your Feet Day, so find the square footage of your foot! It’s also Handwriting Day. Try to write everything by hand today instead of typing it!

Stick That Landing

Have you ever used a pogo stick? It has a powerful spring, that bounces you into the air. Henry Cabelus got his first high-powered stick at age 12. After many broken bones, he’s taken the pogo to a new level, in the sport of Xpogo. Extreme pogo stickers do stunts while airbound, including backflips!

Lend a Helping Flipper

A group of people with Whale Watch Western Australia, got to see an exciting rescue. A humpback whale was tangled in a rope, and a pod of orcas, also known as killer whales, appeared to set him free. Since orcas sometimes attack humpback whales, everyone was happily surprised, that they helped him out instead.

Iceberg Watered Down the Sea

A massive iceberg split off from Antarctica in 2017. Scientists kept an eye on the melting megaberg, as it traveled nearly 2,500 miles. During its last 3 months, it released 152,000,000,000 tons of freshwater, around South Georgia Island. That’s like emptying 61,000,000 Olmpic-sized swimming pools, into the fragile ecosystem. The impact is under investigation.

Quilted Dots

Today is Polka Dot Day. It was created to celebrate Minnie Mouse, who’s famous for her dotted dresses. It’s also Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day. Maybe they’ll have polka dot fabric, to add to your future quilt. Save your favorite t-shirts as you grow up, to make a memory quilt.

The Answer Is Still No

Meow-meowey meow-meow-meow. I think that means, “No, you can’t use my beanbag as a litter box just because it’s softer.” Today is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, so when your cat meows at you, answer back! It’s also Hot Sauce Day, so if your cat asks to have a taste, warn him it’s spicy!

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