What Goes Next to Gold?

How well do you know, the periodic table of the elements? 9-year-old Natalia Najam, of Lahore Pakistan, has them all memorized. In fact, she set a new world record, by arranging all the elements of the periodic table, in only 2 minutes and 42 seconds. She hopes it will inspire children, to pursue STEM careers.

Speak Chinese With Ease

How would you like to wear a mask, that speaks Spanish? A Japanese company, Donut Robotics, has developed a mask that can translate your words into 8 different languages. It also amplifies your voice, to make it loud enough for everyone to hear. It will be an amazing tool, to assist international travelers or patients.

Hop Over to Mars

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, dreams of sending people to Mars. He designed a new transport prototype, and it took its first hop-test on Tuesday. The Starship, which looks like a large metallic cylinder, flew around 500 feet up, then landed vertically, in a cloud of dust. The real Starship would be 120 meters tall!

Smell Your Own Breath

Everyone should be wearing masks in public, to help stop the spread of COVID. That means the person who smells your bad breath the most, is you! Today is Fresh Breath Day, so do yourself a favor. Brush your teeth, because plaque stinks! Don’t forget to floss the particles, from between your teeth.

Time for a Nice Relaxing Float

Grab some vanilla ice cream and scoop it into a frosty mug of root beer. Today is Root Beer Float Day! It was called a black cow when it was first invented in 1893. Drink it while giving your toes a little freedom in the sand, grass or water. It’s Wiggle Your Toes Day!

Impressive Underwater Stunt

Can you solve a Rubik’s Cube? How about doing it underwater? How about solving 6 Rubik’s Cube puzzles, underwater, with one breath? That’s what Illayaram Sekar did, to set a new world record. He had to hold his breath for 2.17 minutes, to complete the feat. When he’s not solving puzzles, Sekar teaches school in India.

Robots Write a Play

Artificial intelligence researchers and theater professionals, are working together in the Czech Republic. They’re creating the world’s first play, written by robots. In 19 21, a play about robots was written by men, so it’s fitting that the 100th anniversary be celebrated, with a play about men, written by robots. THE-a-i-TER will premiere in January.

Leaving Violence Behind

Homeboy Industries, is a gang-intervention group, that received the Hilton Foundation’s 20 20 Humanitarian Prize. Homeboy gives former gang members a second chance, by providing therapy, tattoo removal, rehab, and training. Young people who grew up in gangs, become a family with their old enemies. The award donated $2,500,000 to Homeboy Industries, to continue their great work.

Round Up Sheep in Your Underoos

Hey, what’s under there? Under where? That’s what I thought! It’s Underwear Day, so wear your most fun-derwear. It’s also Work Like A Dog Day. Working dogs, like sheep dogs, love their jobs and do them with enthusiasm. If you have a job to do today, get excited and wag your tail!

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