Tons of Teeth

Today is Megalodon Day. Millions of years ago, Megalodon shark babies were bigger than a human at birth. Paleontologists believe the shark pups hatched from their eggs in the womb, growing bigger and stronger before they were born. The 6-foot newborns would grow into 50-foot-long mega-sharks, and lose 40,000 teeth over their lifetime.

The Power of Wind and Waves

Surfing at the beach is a cool way to spend a hot day, especially when it’s Surf Day. The highest wave ever surfed that was officially recorded, was a 78-foot wave in Nazare Portugal. Take time to enjoy the breeze, for Global Wind Day. Wind turbines turn the wind’s energy, into electricity.

Electricity In the Air

Today is Electricity Day, also known as Fly A Kite Day. On this date in 1752, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a thunderstorm, to prove that lightning was an electrical discharge. It led to the invention of lightning rods, which channel lightning safely into the ground. What a shocking discovery!

The Joy of Juggling

Can you juggle? Give it a try, for World Juggling Day! Watch a tutorial online, like Learn to Juggle 3 Balls by Taylor Tries, to get started, then watch a pro, like Zaniac Alex Zerbe. Juggling is an ancient skill; a painting of people juggling, was found on a 4000 year-old Egyptian tomb!

Mother Nature Has a Nice Smile

Today, celebrate everyone’s not-so-secret power. It’s Smile Power Day! See how easy it is to make other people feel better, just by giving them a big smile! It’s also Nature Photography Day. Head outside with your camera or phone, and focus on a blade of grass, the moon, or that cheeky squirrel!

Fast Cat On Wheels

There’s a cat in China, that can ride a skateboard. In fact, Bao Zi set a world record, for the fastest 10 meters on a skateboard by a cat, traveling 32 feet in just under 13 seconds. Bao Zi’s human, Li Jiangtao, noticed the cat’s interest in skateboards, and taught him to ride.

Enjoy a Night at the Movies

Tonight is Movie Night, so how will you celebrate? You could make some popcorn, and watch an old favorite on a DVD or streaming service, or go to the cinema to watch a new release. If you’re lucky, there may be a drive-in theater near you, to watch a movie from your car!

What’s the Volume of a Weasel?

Over 2200 years ago, the Greek mathematician, Archimedes, discovered that an object’s volume could be measured by submerging it in water. He had this revelation while taking a bath, so we celebrate International Bath Day. Today is also National Pop Goes The Weasel Day. Learn the words, and find a jack-in-the-box to play along with you.

Strawberry Shortcake In a Cup

What’s better than cake? How about mini-cakes? Today is Cupcake Day, so bake a batch to share. Don’t just lick all the icing off. It’s also Strawberry Shortcake Day, so you might have to make a short strawberry cupcake. Please be sure to save one for me!

Fly Your American Flag

In the United States, June 14th is Flag Day. The distinctive Stars and Stripes represent the 50 states, and the 13 original colonies. It’s easy to recognize, even when it’s a cake made out of blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream! While you fly your American flag today, see how many other countries have flags of red, white, and blue.

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