Please Pass the Syrup

How did you celebrate Pancake Day on Tuesday?  A British sports arena marked the day, by breaking a Guinness World Record! The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium assembled a team of chefs, to cook 1135 pancakes, and place them into a 429.3-foot-long line. Afterwards, the longest line of pancakes was distributed by the Felix Project charity.

Too Stuffed to Get Off the Ground

Have you ever eaten so much, you couldn’t move? It happens to birds too! Concerned people called animal rescuers in Tennessee, when they came across a bald eagle that seemed injured. The wildlife officers determined the eagle wasn’t hurt. It had just eaten a huge meal, and couldn’t fly until it digested its food!

That’s a Nice Cactus Jacket

A company called Adriano Di Marti, has created a new way to make material, using cactus leaves. Desserto is a cloth, which feels like leather. Cactus needs very little water to grow, so it could be a better way to make leather-like fabric, instead of vinyl and other plastic-based materials.

Magnificent Polar Bears

It’s International Polar Bear Day! Polar bears have black skin and hollow transparent hairs that scatter light, making their fur look white! They can grow 9 feet tall and have paws one foot wide. Polar bears live in Arctic sea ice regions, so climate change and melting ice, has caused them to become endangered.

I’d Like to Report Me Missing

At the Odessa Police Department, in Texas, a dog reported himself missing. The friendly dog came up to the counter, and showed off his collar with no ID tag. He played ball with employees while waiting for animal control, but took off before they arrived. It turns out, Chico lived nearby, and went home!

Swinging Into the Next Station

Look outside any train station in the Netherlands, and you’ll see hundreds of bicycles. Look inside, and you might see Dutch people charging their phones, by playing on swings! A Play-for-Power swingset installed in the Utrecht station is so popular, that people often take a later train to leave time for swinging!

Barbie Represents

February is Black History Month, so it’s great timing for the release of a new line of Barbie dolls. The Mattel company collaborated, with costume designer Shiona Turini, to make 10 new dolls. They have different shades of dark skin tones, African hairstyles, and a variety of body types, not to mention fabulous clothes!

Easter is Coming

If you see someone with a dirt smudge on their forehead today, it’s probably not because they’re messy. Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of the Christian period of fasting before Easter, called Lent. Some people wear ashes as a sign of repentance. You still have to wash your face!

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, a man named Levi Strauss, sold some denim to a tailor named Jacob Davis. Using Levi’s business know-how, and Jacob’s magical copper rivets, Levi Strauss and Company gave the world magnificent jeans! They all lived happily ever after. It’s Levi Strauss Day, and Tell A Fairy Tale Day. Happy storytelling!

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