That’s a Big Hunk of Gold

Darren Kamp leads recreational prospecting trips with his company, Lucky Strike Gold, in Australia’s Golden Triangle. A customer recently dug up a 10 pound stone, which was more than half gold. Darren had never seen anything like it! When they split the rock open, gold was just oozing out of it.

The Better to Chomp You With

Can you imagine a Tyrannosaurus rex, wearing lipstick? Paleontologists say that T rex and its theropod cousins, actually had thin, lizard-like lips, covering their fearsome teeth. A modern example of how they would have looked, is the monitor lizard. Although lips made the T rex look less ferocious, they helped to protect its teeth.

The Computer Ate My Homework

Virtual school makes you learn the importance of backing up your files. Maybe you wrote an essay that didn’t save, or you lost the connection before your homework finished submitting. You could’ve also experienced, losing your phone full of photos. Today, on World Backup Day, save all your digital stuff, just in case.

The Fireful Tower

On this day in 1889, the Eiffel Tower, in Paris France, was completed. Celebrate Eiffel Tower Day, by eating French food, or building your own tower out of blocks or pillows. It’s also Bunsen Burner Day. It wouldn’t be a proper laboratory, without a vial of liquid, bubbling over the flame of a Bunsen burner!

Colorful Taters

Yay and hooray, it’s Tater Day! Have some baked potatoes and hash browns and potato dumplings and French fries and potato chips and home fries and sweet potatoes and tater tots and mashed potatoes! Then draw some spuds and color them in with crayons, for Crayon Day. Purple potatoes will be beautiful!

A Bedroom Under the Stars

Before 10-year-old Max Woosey’s neighbor Rick died, he gave Max his tent, and told him to have an adventure. Max decided to honor Rick’s memory, by camping out every night, to raise money to help terminally ill people. 3 years and $860,000 later, he’s set a world record, for most money raised by camping.

That’s a Lotta Lego

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese artist, whose latest work of art is made out of Lego bricks. The 50-foot-long sculpture, is an interpretation of Impressionist painter Monet’s Water Lillies. Weiwei used 650,000 Legos to create his masterpiece of vibrant colors. It will be on display at the Design Museum in London, beginning April 7th.

Super Duper Gigantic Colossal Black Hole

Astronomers recently detected one of the biggest known black holes in the Universe. A black hole is a place where gravity pulls so hard, that not even light can escape, and there’s one at the center of most galaxies. The newly-discovered ultramassive black hole, is 32.7 billion times the mass of our Sun!

The Eagles Are Hatching

Eagles all over North America, have laid eggs that are starting to hatch. Some nests, which can be 8 feet deep and 9 feet wide, have cameras nearby, so you can observe the eagles up close. Watch’s eaglecams, to see Bella and Smitty feed their first eaglet. Their second egg hasn’t hatched yet.

Pencil a Walk Into Your Schedule

It’s feeling like spring, so go outside. It’s Take A Walk In The Park Day! Count how many different birds you hear, and see what flowers are starting to bloom. It’s also Pencil Day, so bring along pencils and paper, and make a list, or sketch a picture. Yay for erasable writing!

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