Bird-of-Paradise Dance-Off

If you’ve never watched a superb bird-of-paradise dance, you’re in luck. Ornithologists have discovered the species is actually 2 different species! Both have black light-absorbing feathers, with a blue smiley-face pattern. Now you can compare videos of the greater and Voglekop superb birds-of-paradise, and see who’s a better dancer!


Gutsy Moves to Protect Colony

A new species of ant was discovered in the rainforests of Borneo. Colobopsis explodens have a unique way of defending themselves: the ants latch onto enemies and explode their toxic guts onto them! Other workers plug the nest hole up with their heads to keep intruders out. The workers sacrifice themselves to keep the colony safe.

New Species Abound in Indian Ocean

An expedition of scientists from Singapore and Indonesia collected specimens from deep in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of West Java. In only 2 weeks, they’d found 11 new species! From an orange-striped lobster, to a crab that decorates its shell with debris as camouflage, to a foot-long giant sea cockroach, the ocean is still full of surprises!