I Wish For a World Record

Children in Moriyama Japan, helped set a new world record, for Christmas tree with the most notes attached. They wrote down their wishes for the city and themselves on cards, which were then attached to a 100-foot-tall Christmas tree. The 51,626 messages will be put into a time capsule when the display comes down.

Protecting Our Feathered Friends

New York City’s skyscrapers with gleaming windows, are a problem for 10’s of thousands of birds every year. They fly into the glass, because they can’t see it. A new law may soon pass, that would require all new buildings to use bird-friendly glass, that the birds can see. Having dirty windows also works!

Old Style, New Subject

A new statue was erected in Richmond Virginia. Although it’s a large bronze sculpture of a man on a horse, it’s not the typical military memorial. The rider is a modern African-American man, dressed in a hoodie and sneakers. The sculpture, titled Rumors of War, was created by artist Kehinde Wiley.

Homework We Should All Be Doing

An elementary school in Ireland, is trying something different for the month of December. Instead of homework, kids will be assigned random acts of kindness! The acts could be connecting with elderly people, helping out family members, or taking care of their own mental well-being. Kindness Diaries remind them to keep doing good works.

A Mountain of Bagels

Today is Have A Bagel Day. The dense and chewy bread can be toasted, and topped with anything you like! Make a bagel sandwich to take a hike in the mountains. It’s International Mountain Day! You could ski down a mountain, draw a picture of a mountain, or sculpt one from mashed potatoes!

Devouring the Opponent

Dan Gable has an Olympic gold medal in wrestling, but he also has a more rare claim to fame. The Iowa wrestling legend’s likeness, was whittled in cheese! Sarah Kauffman, known as the Cheese Lady, carved a wheel of white cheddar into a sculpture of Dan. The artwork was sold in delicious 1 dollar chunks.

Room Service, I’d Like a Dog Please

The Home2Suites hotel in Mississippi, is super pet-friendly. They have a program, called Fostering Hope, which allows dogs from the nearby Humane Society to stay in kennels, in the hotel lobby. Then, their long-term guests, can foster a dog! 33 dogs have gone from temporary pets, to finding forever homes with their new best friends.

Surfing and Saving Lives

4 teenage surfers became heroes last month, when they saved 2 brothers from drowning. Taj Ortiz-Beck, Narayan Weibel, Spenser Stratton, and Adrian York, were taking a break from surfing the cold waters in Northern California, when they heard cries for help in the fog. The 15 and 16-year-olds pulled the swimmers onto their boards, saving their lives!

King of the Meteor Showers

For a couple of weeks in December, the Geminids meteor showers are visible in the night sky. The meteors appear near the constellation Gemini, created from particles of the asteroid 3200 Phaethon. The best night to see the Geminids will be Friday night, despite the full moon. Stay up until 2 AM for the best show!

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