Who Wants 220 Short Pencils?

David Rush has set more than 250 world records, but he’s working on a new record, for most records held at the same time. Silvio Sabba holds the current record, at 180. David reached 169 records, by snapping 110 pencils in half, in 1 minute. He tied for the title, but co-holding counts!

Hooray for Sei Whales

The endangered sei whale, is the third-largest whale in the world, growing up to 64 feet long. They were hunted so much in the 1920’s and 30’s, that they left their ancestral waters around Argentina. After nearly a century, the giant whales are repopulating the South American coast. Their population is now around 50,000.

European Bison Help Reduce CO2

10 years ago, a herd of European wood bison, were reintroduced into Romania’s Tarcu mountains. They multiplied from 100 to 170 animals, and improved the entire ecosystem. Bison break up soil with their hooves, disperse seeds with their fur, and help the forest store more carbon. It’s like taking 54,000 cars off the road!

Don’t Fly Off the See-Saw

Did you know, it’s Take Your Parents To The Playground Day? Gather some snacks from the kitchen, and a ball or frisbee, then surprise them with your plans for a picnic at the park! Be sure to push them on the swings, and catch them when they come down the slide, haha!

Cake for Ray

If your name is May or Ray, this day is extra-special for you. As for everyone else, get outside in the sunshine and catch some rays! It’s May Ray Day! It’s also Devil’s Food Cake Day. Do you know how the chocolate cake gets so moist? The recipe calls for hot or boiling water.

Have You Heard Any Cicadas Yet?

Much of the United States, will be filled with the sound of cicadas this spring. Brood 13 and Brood 19 cicadas will both emerge at the same time, for the first time since 1803, after spending years underground as nymphs. They’ll crawl out, shed their skins, and sing loudly to find a mate.

An Evening of Stargazing With Family

Some people have small families, and some people have tons of relatives. Since today is Visit Your Relatives Day, have some family fun. It’s also Astronomy Day. Learn how to identify a few springtime constellations today, so you can spot them in the sky tonight. The Big Dipper is usually the easiest to find.

Do You Really Need That Plate?

Today is No Dirty Dishes Day. First things first: clean all the dishes in the sink! Then don’t use any dishes, utensils, or cookware all day. Try cooking things on a stick, over a fire. It’s also Museum Day. Whether you like history, toilet seat art, airplanes, or mustard, it’s in a museum somewhere!

Sour Fruit and Sweet Tunes

Get out your violins, because it’s World Fiddle Day! When you’re playing Irish, bluegrass, or folk music on your violin, it’s more commonly called a fiddle. It’s also Plant a Lemon Tree Day! If you play your fiddle under a lemon tree, you can blame any sour notes on the lemons!

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