A Puzzle Fit for a Queen

7-year-old Timothy Madders, in Essex England, was bored during lockdown. He was worried that Queen Elizabeth might be bored too, so he made a wordsearch puzzle for her. Filled with words like happiness, sunshine, and love, he hoped the puzzle would make her happy. It worked, because Her Majesty sent her thanks by mail!

Pink Ice and Climate Change

In Italy, scientists are investigating strange ice, in the Alps. Some of the ice and snow on the Presena glacier, is pink. The pink color is caused by algae, that’s also appeared in Greenland. Although it’s not dangerous, it darkens the ice and attracts the sun, which makes the glacier melt faster.

Comet NEOWISE Will Come Back in 6,800 Years

NASA’s space telescope, the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or NEOWISE, spotted a comet back in March. Comet NEOWISE is 4.6 billion years old, about 3 miles across, and has a long tail. It’s best visible with the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere, about an hour and a half after sunset, for several weeks.

This Rock Looks Like a French Fry

Today is French Fry Day! In some countries, they’re called chips, and chips are called crisps. Eat your fries while looking for some cool rocks to celebrate International Rock Day. Are they igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic? Today is also Embrace Your Geekness Day, so feel free to share every detail of your latest obsession!

Today, In Kids News…

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! Today is International Town Criers Day! People used to listen to the news, from a guy yelling in the street. Aren’t you glad you have me to listen to instead? Be the town crier today, and shout the news to everyone, from your front yard.

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Forever

Are you a Yu-Gi-Oh fan? Liam O’Donovan loves the collectible card game and series so much, that he’s getting the characters tattooed on his body. So far, he has 34 Yu-Gi-Oh tattoos, which he believes is a world record. There are hundreds of characters, so he can keep going until he runs out of space!

No Runway Necessary

Residents of Lake in the Hills Illinois, had some excitement when an aircraft had to make an emergency landing, in their neighborhood. Nothing was damaged, because it was only a hot air balloon. The pilot landed to get medical assistance for a passenger, and neighbors got to see a hot air balloon in action!

Greener Cleaners

When young scientists Gaurab Chakrabatri and Sean Hunt started the Soulgen company, their goal was to make cleaning products, without artificial chemicals. After their business was a big success, they moved on to plant-based wipes, and are now working on biodegradable fertilizers. Their ideas are cleaning up the world, without all the harmful chemicals.

Jello in a Bag

It’s Simplicity Day, so keep everything simple. Who needs a fancy hot fudge sundae for dessert, when a bowl of red jello is so satisfying! Besides, it’s Eat Your Jello Day. It’s also Paper Bag Day! They can be used to pop popcorn, ripen fruit, or make puppets, after they carry your lunch!

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