On the Brink of Extinction

Every year, hundreds of species go extinct. Many are insects you’ve never heard of, but plenty of our favorite animals are vulnerable. Today, on National Endangered Species Day, learn about the importance of protecting animals and plants, that are in danger of disappearing forever. We all have to share this planet!

Packrats Are the Collectors of the Animal World

Today is Pack Rat Day! Do you pick up shiny objects and cool trinkets to save forever in your house? You’re just like a packrat! They collect treasures for their nests, or middens. Packrat middens are valuable to paleobiologists because they can preserve plants, pollen, and artifacts for 50,000 years. Will they study your midden someday?

Be the Coolest Kid At the Pizza Party

Whether it’s sunny or not, be sure to wear your sunglasses today, because it’s Shades Day. They’ll protect your eyes from the sun, keep people from seeing you take a nap, and make you look super-cool while you eat pizza. That reminds me, it’s Pizza Party Day! What’s your favorite topping?

That Sounds Delicious

Today is World Baking Day. Since it’s also Cherry Cobbler Day, and Walnut Day, start by baking a cherry cobbler and some walnut bread. Then call your friends, to celebrate World Telecommunications Day. You can tell them about your delicious baked goods, and make their mouths water. Better yet, have a video chat picnic!

Some Mushrooms Can Be Deadly

Today is Mushroom Hunting Day. Explore in the woods, to see how many different mushrooms you can find. Take photos, and learn to identify them. Don’t eat any, unless you have a mycologist with you, which is someone who studies fungi. They know which mushrooms can kill you, and which ones are delicious.

Pursue Planetary Peace

Some people think aliens have never visited our planet because it’s too violent, so they invented Wear Purple for Peace Day. World Peace starts with each person, so wear purple and don’t fight with your brother or sister. After all, we want the Earth to look like a nice place to take a vacation.

Listen to Granny’s Life Story

Have you ever read the life story, of a real person? That’s called a biography. An auto-biography, is a book written about oneself. Today is Biographer’s Day, so interview a friend, family member, or anyone else you think is interesting, and write their biography. Maybe someone would like to write your biography too.

That’s a Shrimpy-Looking Monkey

Today is Sea Monkey Day! Sea monkeys are actually brine shrimp. Scientists have shown that swarms of brine shrimp in the ocean, can create powerful underwater currents. They migrate vertically to the surface every night to feed, churning the ocean and causing turbulence. Trillions of organisms moving together make a huge impact!

Trees Are Good Neighbors

Today is Do Something Good For Your Neighbor Day. It’s nice to make people happy! It’s also Love A Tree Day. Hug your favorite tree, and thank it for giving you shade and oxygen. Since it’s Drawing Day too, maybe you can draw a picture of a lovely tree, to give to your neighbor!

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