Someone Missed the Toilet

A radio tower in Texas, is a favorite roosting spot for hundreds of vultures. The tower, which belongs to Customs and Border Protection, is covered with vulture poop and vomit. Yuck! The birds might create problems for employees, but they’re protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The tower belongs to the vultures now!

Volcano is a Big Baby

Over a year ago, a hum traveled around the world. People couldn’t hear it, but the vibrations created a seismic signal. It turned out to be a new underwater volcano forming! The submarine volcano was born in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and Mozambique. It’s now 3 miles long, and a half mile high!

Paste You Can Eat

Today is Marzipan Day. Marzipan is made using almond meal, and sugar or honey. The paste can be rolled out to cover cakes, or formed into sweet edible sculptures, like tiny animals or fruits, realistically painted with food coloring. I’d like to make all the planets. You could make a pan of marzipan Marzes!

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