Honor the Original Americans

Today we celebrate Native American Heritage Day. They were the original inhabitants, of the land that became the United States. Native Americans helped the European settlers survive, but they were not treated kindly in return. It’s important to learn the history of their mistreatment, and honor the accomplishments and traditions of indigenous people.

The First Fido

Researchers in Sweden have confirmed that a puppy found in Siberia last year, is 18,000 years old! The Ice-Age puppy was discovered in a tunnel in the permafrost. The well-preserved animal could be a very early dog, or a late Pleistocene wolf. They’re not sure, because it comes from the time when wolves were domesticated.

The Kindness of the Wampanoag

Today in the United States, it’s Thanksgiving Day. In 1621, in Plymouth Massachusetts, English colonists and the Wampanoag people, who had helped the colonists survive the winter, celebrated with a harvest feast that lasted several days. The Native Americans had taught them to grow corn, squash and beans. Maybe you’ll eat some today. Happy Thanksgiving!

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