Snowball Fight Postponed Due to Snow

A massive annual snowball fight at the University of British Columbia, had to be rescheduled because of snow! Vancouver had received heavy snow that was causing traffic chaos, so they had the snowball fight the following day instead. The snow packed better once it thawed a little anyway. Over 1000 students joined in the fun!

A Dog Adopted Us Last Night

A couple in Pennsylvania woke up one morning, and found a hungry, flea-infested dog in their living room, even though their doors and windows were shut! The wind had blown the door open, and their house looked warm and inviting to the stray pup. They adopted the sweet dog, and named her Suzy!

That Concrete is Green, and It’s Growing!

Scientists have developed a new kind of concrete, that regenerates. It contains sand, gelatin, and cyanobacteria. Under the right conditions, the photosynthetic bacteria allow the living concrete to grow itself. Space agencies are especially excited. They could launch less building material into space, and let the concrete expand to the amount they need!

I Heard Something Pop

Pop. Pop. Pop, pop, pop-pop-pop-pop! It’s Popcorn Day! In the 16th century, popcorn was used in Aztec headdresses in Mexico. It became a popular food in the United States in the 18-hundreds. It’s also Tin Can Day. Peter Durand patented the perfect way to store food for years, in 18 10. Eat a tin of popcorn!

A Snack for Hangry Giants

When you’re hungry, sometimes a Snickers candy bar makes a good snack. The biggest Snickers ever, just set a record for the world’s largest chocolate nut bar. It’s 12 feet long, 2 feet high, and weighs 4,728 pounds! The gargantuan Snickers is the equivalent of 43,000 regular-sized bars. That ought to be big enough to satisfy anyone’s hunger!

How Much is Bus Fare?

A horse was running through the streets of Cardiff, in Wales. Bystanders captured it, but were told it would take some time for the police to arrive with a horse trailer. A bus driver offered to transport the horse to its owners, which is how a horse came to be riding the city bus!

Check Out These Kids Books

The New York Public Library turns 125 years old this year. They decided to research which books have been checked out the most since 18 95. The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats, was number 1, at nearly half-a-million times! Other children’s books like The Cat in the Hat and Where the Wild Things Are, were numbers 2 and 4.

Helping Others to Help Others

Last week, when Vancouver Island got a foot of snow, around 100 people have volunteered to drive doctors and nurses to the hospital. They all have 4 by 4 vehicles that can handle the snow, and are happy to help others get around. With more snow in the forecast, they’ll be busy for a while!

What’s Another Word for Thesaurus

It’s Winnie the Pooh Day! A-A Milne’s books about the lovable bear, Piglet, Tigger, and friends, were inspired by a black bear at the London Zoo named Winnie. Christopher Robin, the author’s son, loved to visit him! It’s also Thesaurus Day, a wonderful, fantastic, magnificent, phenomenal, terrific tool to give you synonyms for words.

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