Treasure Hunters Hit the Mother Lode

Luke Mahoney, Dan Hunt, and Matt Brown, were just a few friends looking for treasure with their metal detectors in England. They asked the owners of a field behind the Lindsey Rose Pub, if they could search the land. They discovered 1061 silver coins in the 15-acre field! The 4-to-600 year-old coins, are worth $130,000.

Budding Artist Uses Talent for Good

10-year-old Daisy Watt started painting, 4 years ago. She wanted to cheer her grandparents up, when they had cancer. The English artist soon began painting floral landscapes, to be auctioned off for cancer charities. So far, her beautiful paintings of flowers have earned over $65,000, and Daisy has donated it all! She’s both talented, and generous.

That Blanet’s Moonmoon Became a Ploonet

Astronomers recently discovered, that supermassive black holes have a safe zone around them, where thousands of planets could orbit. They decided to call them blanets, with a “B.” Other cosmic objects include moonmoons, which are moons of moons, and ploonets, which are moons that become planets after getting kicked out of orbit.

Cats in the Clouds

International Clouded Leopard Day is a good time to learn more about these big cats. Clouded leopards are endangered, and native to parts of Asia. The Formosan clouded leopard was actually thought to be extinct until recently! Their bodies can be 2 to 4 feet long, and they have very long canine teeth. They are beautiful!

Furry Assistants

Today is Assistance Dogs Day. That could mean guide dogs, that are trained to lead blind and visually impaired humans, or hearing alert dogs to help the deaf. There are also seizure and medical alert dogs. Never pet or distract an assistance dog. They’re working! Thank you, poochies!

How’s the Weather Up There

There’s a new tallest living giraffe in the world, named Forest. It’s an appropriate name, since he’s the height of a small tree! He’s 18 feet 8 inches tall, and lives at the Australia Zoo, owned by Bindi Irwin and her family. Forest is also a father. He has 12 kids, with another one coming soon.

Kicked a Little Too Hard

Sometimes, only part of a person’s body, needs to be rescued. Mike Evans was on a rafting trip with friends, in Missouri. His prosthetic leg fell off in the Meramac River, and he was unable to find it. Luckily, the Missouri state troopers have a dive team, who successfully located Mike’s 27,000-dollar-leg!

That’s Quite a Windfall

The United Kingdom is having great success, using wind power. Offshore wind farms are providing cheap energy. In fact, the offshore wind farms are producing so much power, that they may be able to give money back to the government, to reduce household energy bills. That’s what I call blowing all your money, ha-ha.

Puppy Loves His Vet

A 5-month-old puppy in Thailand, got lost in the city. The smart pup knew someone who could help; he went to his veterinarian! He’d been going for monthly visits, so he knew how to find the Putahracsa Veterinary Clinc. Then, he barked at the door until someone let him in, and called his family.

Sticky Floors, No Problem

Walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, peanuts. Eat them all on Grab Some Nuts Day! Don’t worry about dropping shells on the floor. Next, grab a giant slice of juicy watermelon and eat it. It’s National Watermelon Day! Now that your floors are a sticky mess, you can celebrate Clean Your Floors Day!

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