Life Before Cell Phones

Today is National Spumoni Day! Even though it’s often hard to find, it’s my favorite ice cream flavor! It has cherry, pistachio, and chocolate layers with candied fruits and nuts. It’s also Senior Citizens Day! Seniors can tell you awesome stories about the olden days before cell phones. Just ask!

Moose Crashes Pool Party

A family in Alaska was having a party, when an unexpected guest showed up. Annan Anderson’s daughters ran inside when a moose wandered in, drank water from the kiddie pool, and helped herself to a taco! It’s not every day, that your pool party gets crashed by a moose!

Deep Space Radio Bursts

Since the start of 2019, astronomers have detected 8 repeating signals from deep space. The fast radio bursts, or FRBs, were detected by the CHIME radio telescope, which stands for Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment. Each burst lasts only a few milliseconds, and discharges more energy than 500,000,000 suns! What causes FRBs is still a mystery!

Lofty Garden Goals

The largest urban farm in Europe will open in Paris next year, and it will feed thousands of people. They won’t even have to find space on the ground, because it will be planted on a rooftop! The rooftop gardens will use very little water, and no pesticides. What a great use of space!

The Radio’s Buzzing

Turn off the TV and put down your screens today. It’s National Radio Day! The radio was invented in the late 18 100’s. Before television, people gathered around the radio to listen to shows, like Dragnet or Gunsmoke. It’s also World Mosquito Day. Mosquitoes spread malaria and other diseases. But they’re great food for bats!

Your Drawing Stinks!

Have you gone shopping for school supplies yet? You might want to buy some stinky markers, so people won’t borrow them and forget to give them back. The Crayola markers come in scents like Dirty Laundry, Moldy Sponge, and Flat Tire. Don’t worry, you can also buy sweet-smelling Silly Scents markers!

Cashew Shells Can Also Protect People

A “green chemist” team of scientists from South Africa, Germany, Malawi, and Tanzania, have discovered how to make sunscreen more eco-friendly. They are using the discarded shells from cashew nuts, to produce compounds that block ultraviolet light. The team uses xylochemistry to make useful chemical compounds, by recycling non-edible plant waste!

JIngle a Perfect Selfie

Taking a photo of yourself with your pet can be frustrating, if they won’t look at the camera. That’s why there’s the Cat Selfie. It’s a hanging bell, that clips to the top of your phone. The ringing sound attracts your cat’s attention! I’m sure it would work for other animals, and babies too!

Orangutan Habitat is Disappearing

It’s International Orangutan Day, celebrating the expressive orange-haired apes. They are an endangered species, found only in Borneo and Sumatra. While orangutans grow only about 5 feet tall, their arm span can reach 7 feet from tip to tip! Palm oil plantations are the biggest threat to the wild population, destroying their rainforest homes.

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