Mini Twinkies for Breakfast

Hostess Twinkies are spongey, cream-filled snack cakes, invented in 1930. After 89 years, they’re also a cereal. Hostess has already released Honey Bun and Donette versions of cereal. After Twinkies, what do you think will be next, Zingers, Cup Cakes or Ho Hos? I hope they don’t get too soggy in milk!

Yay, No Dishes to Wash

Have you ever eaten something so delicious, you licked the plate clean? Now you can eat the plate too! South African artist Georgina de Kock, has created Munch Bowls. The bowls are made out of wheat. You can literally, eat a bowl of soup! The company plans to make edible spoons and cups next.

Who Will You Help Today?

Yesterday, Americans spent over $9,000,000,000 shopping online on Cyber Monday. Today is meant to give something back! It’s Giving Tuesday, named in 2012 when two organizations wanted to designate one day for global charity. Last year, generous people around the world donated more than $400,000,000 to help others! Donate time, money, or goods to your favorite cause.

Buying Gifts is Overrated

Today is Make A Gift Day. Homemade gifts mean so much to people, and sometimes they cost you nothing except time! You could make a craft or knit a scarf, write a story or bake cookies. You could make a coupon book for free hugs, or shoveling the sidewalk. Make a gift of happiness!

Play That Reefy Music

Did you know coral reefs make sounds? Technically, it’s all the creatures living there, like shrimp and fish, but a healthy coral reef should be a noisy place. Scientists found that playing a recording of these sounds, could attract young fish to damaged coral reefs. The new inhabitants help revive the reef ecosystem!

Long Names for Top Dogs

The National Dog Show took place in Philadelphia last week, and the grand champion was a chunky bulldog. His full name is GCHG Diamond Gold Majesu Pisko Bulls, but you can call him Thor for short! He beat more than 1,900 other dogs, including a Havanese named GCHP Oestes in the Name of Love.

Net Some Great Deals

First comes Thanksgiving, then Black Friday. Now it’s Cyber Monday. It first started in 2005, when people went back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday, and shopped online using their fast internet connections. It’s the best day to buy gifts online because there are lots of discounts. In case you’re wondering, I love hats!

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