An Amazing Feat Using Feet

Laura Biondo, a Venezuelan soccer freestyler, set a new world record. She touched a soccer ball 170 times, while running for one minute on a treadmill. She had to keep the ball in the air with her feet the whole time, with the speed set to at least 4 miles-per-hour. She beat the old record by 50!

The Garlic Brought a Gift

When 12-year-old Madison Cooper was working in the Chewonki Foundation garden in Maine, she lost her ring. It had belonged to her grandmother, so she was devastated. 9 months later, Hannah Marshall was harvesting garlic, and found the ring wrapped around the plant. That was a bountiful harvest!

Historic Return to Earth

Last night, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, left the International Space Station. They arrived 2 months ago, in SpaceX’s new Crew Dragon spaceship, and they’ll be returning to Earth in the same ship. The spaceship Endeavour will splash down in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida, around 2:48 Eastern Time. You can watch on

Don’t Color on Your Sister

Do you have a sister? Be especially nice to her, because it’s Sisters’ Day. It’s Coloring Book Day too, so maybe you can color your favorite pictures together! National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is also taking place. Do you want your ice cream on wheat or white bread? Just kidding! Use cookies!

I’m No Stinker

Paramedics in Ontario Canada are used to helping people in trouble, but they couldn’t turn away from a skunk in need. The poor little guy had his head stuck, in a Tim Horton’s cup. After donning protective gear just in case, they carefully freed the skunk. He ran away happily, and didn’t even spray them!

That’s a Lotta Clam

11-year-old Cooper Monaco, thought he was pulling a big rock out of the water in Rhode Island. It was actually a big clam! The quahog weighs 2 pounds, 7.75 ounces, and is nearly 6 inches across. It could be the largest quahog ever found in Rhode Island! A similarly sized clam found in Iceland, was 507 years old!

1800 Flowers in One Delivery

Artist Michael Gittes, sent flowers to every employee at the Interfaith Medical Center in New York. He created 1800 unique paintings of flowers, using syringes to represent healing power. Gittes wanted to thank all the hospital staffers for their hard work during the pandemic, while tending New York’s garden of life.

Don’t Get Sand in Your Mustard

It’s Sandcastle Day, so get to a beach and start building. The world’s biggest sandcastle was nearly 58 feet tall! Build away from the high tide line, if you want it to last. It’s also Mustard Day. Which do you like better; smooth yellow mustard , or coarse brown mustard full of crunchy mustard seeds?

A World of Respect

Can you imagine a world without the internet? Many of your parents were born before “www” meant anything! That alone deserves respect today, on Respect For Parents Day. It’s World Wide Web Day also. Thank you to Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the magnificent way to connect everyone in the world in seconds, back in 1989!

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