Axe Body Spray Calms the Flock

Lots of teenage boys, use Axe body spray, to smell good. Apparently, it can also be used, to calm down aggressive sheep. Farmers in England, say the body spray masks hormones, that cause rams to fight. It can also help convince mother sheep, to adopt abandoned lambs, since they identify their babies by smell.

Birds Don’t Need Outdoor Lights

Texas is along the migratory path, of nearly 2,000,000,000 birds. For the last 2 years, the Lights Out Texas program, has made spring and autumn migrations easier, just by asking communities to turn off the outdoor lights. Reducing the light reflections at night, keeps birds from getting confused and running into buildings.

Running With a New Best Friend

8 years ago, a gym coach in California, found a way to motivate his cross-country team, over the summer break. He paired each student, with a dog from the animal shelter, to go on a daily run. Other schools started similar programs, and many dogs have ended up being adopted by their student partner.

Is That a Dog or a Jackal?

Today is World Jackal Day. Would you recognize a jackal, if you saw one? They’re often mistaken for dogs, since they look like a cross between foxes and German shepherds. Different jackal species live in Africa, Europe, and Asia, with their packs. They are skilled hunters, but also clean up dead animals, preventing disease.

Time for Some Fresh Air

Today is Bicycle Day. Give your bike a tune-up, and go for a ride. Don’t forget your helmet! It’s also Garlic Day. Eat a loaf of garlic bread and celebrate your pungent breath! Then get some fresh air, by hanging clothes to dry on a clothesline. It’s Hanging Out Day!

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold

I’ve gotta cupcake for sale here who’ll give me 1 dollar 1-dolla 1 dolla 1 here now gimme 2 2 2 dolla-two SOLD! For $2! It’s Auctioneers Day! Talk like an auctioneer and sell something to your friends. I know your fast-talking auctioneer voice will be better than mine, ha ha.

That Velociraptor’s Happy to See Me

Imagine a fearsome velociraptor, speeding through a forest. Scientists believe dinosaurs wagged their long tails from side to side when they ran, to keep their balance. Velociraptors also had feathers, and a long claw on each foot. For Velociraptor Awareness Day, learn more about these prehistoric creatures, in case you ever go back 80,000,000 years.

High Five Me

The world record for most high fives in 24 hours, is 15,338. Can you break the record, for High Five Day? Just reach up and clap someone’s hand over your heads. Wash your hands after high-fiving anyone, to avoid spreading germs. Celebrate everything with everyone, with a big high five!

Roll Over for a Cracker

Today is Pet Owners Independence Day. On this wacky holiday, people are supposed to switch places with their pets. You can lay around and get fed, while your pet goes to work or school, and scoops up your poop. Also, eat animal crackers, for Animal Crackers Day. Maybe your pets should eat people crackers!

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