Roll Me a Piece of Cake Please

Scooter’s Coffee, a coffee company in Nebraska, wanted to celebrate their 25th anniversary, with cake. They decided to make it even more special, by setting a world record. They baked the biggest cake ball ever, to enjoy with a cup of coffee. The ball of cake weighed 848 pounds!

We Also Need Photos of Boring Plants

When researchers in Australia, looked for photographs of all the plant species in the country, they were surprised to find, many species were only represented by drawings. Now they’re calling for citizen scientists, to update the photographic record, of the plants Down Under. Using an app like iNaturalist, it’s easy to document your observations.

As It Happens

Today is World Theatre Day. Whether you see a musical on Broadway, take part in a school play, or go to a puppet theatre, it’s great to see a live performance. You could also create a play with your friends, and perform for the whole neighborhood. It’s another way, to “play in the backyard!”

Long Tall Joe Lost His Buffalo

Josephs, Joeys, Josephines, get ready: today is National Joe Day. Joe is also a nickname for coffee. It’s Quirky Country Music Song Title Day too. “My T-Rex Ran Away With My Legos and All I’ve Got to Drink is This Cup of Old Joe,” would be a great song. Now YOU make one up!

A Scribbled Work of Art

Here’s a fun activity to do with someone, for Scribble Day. Each person draws a scribble on a piece of paper. Now exchange papers, and turn the line into a drawing! Scribbles can become works of art. Just look up the famous artist, Cy Twombly, for inspiration. Time to scribble a masterpiece!

91-Year-Old Sets New World Record

A Colorado man, became the oldest male to cross the Grand Canyon on foot. 91-year-old John Jepkema completed a 5-day backpacking hike, starting from the North Rim. He descended 6000 feet on a 14 mile trail, crossed the bottom of the canyon, then ascended 4,500 up to the South Rim, completing the 24-mile trek.

Teen Designs New Way to Detect Disease

17-year-old Ellen Xu, won $150,000 at the Regeneron Science Talent Search, with a new way to help identify Kawasaki’s disease. She used Artificial Intelligence, to design a convolutional neural network. The network can analyze smartphone photos, for possible signs of the disease, which can be hard for doctors to identify, without years of experience.

Happy All My Favorite Foods Day

Every day of the year, is also some weird holiday. Did you ever wonder who makes them up? Today’s your chance to name the day, because it’s Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! I’m going to say it’s Talk Like A Robot Day, and also No Bedtime Day. How about you? Happy Whatever-You-Make-It Day.

Purple Pants and a Spinach Salad

Today is Spinach Day. Popeye used to eat it from a can, to get stronger, but it looks more appealing in a salad! It’s also Purple Day, started by 9 year-old Cassidy Megan, to increase epilepsy awareness. Epilepsy affects 65,000,000 people around the world. Wear purple to show your support!

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