World’s Oldest Active Pilot Flying High

Robina Asti became the world’s oldest active pilot and flight instructor, after giving a flight lesson last Sunday. Robina is 99 years old! The California woman said she loves” getting people to experience what it’s like to lift off this earth.” She plans to retire, now that she’s a world record holder.

Rude Emus Kicked Out of Hotel

A hotel in Australia, recently banned some unruly guests. Kevin and Carol were stealing french fries and toast from customers at the pub, and intruding behind the bar. The trouble-makers are emus! The large flightless birds used to be welcome, until they learned to climb the stairs. Now they’re blocked by an emu barrier.

Edible Coffee

There’s a new kind of cereal coming, that parents probably won’t want their kids to eat. It’s coffee flavored, and caffeinated! Dunkin’s Caramel Macchiato and Mocha Latte flavored cereals contain as much caffeine as a 10th of a cup of coffee, as well as flavored marshmallows. It’s coffee and breakfast all in one.

Big Cats That Love Water

It’s International Tiger Day. The world’s largest cat, with its distinctive black stripes, is found in Asia. Unfortunately, tigers are endangered. Less than 4000 remain in the wild. There are different types of tigers, such as Bengal, Siberian and Sumatran. Did you know tigers like to swim? What else can you learn about tigers today?

Tomato Sauce Red Lips

I hope it rains today, because it’s Rain Day! Go splash in some puddles as the Earth gets a big drink of water. Don’t miss dinner, because it’s Lasagna Day. I love those layers of pasta, cheese, and sauce! It’s Lipstick Day too. Pick your favorite shade, and flash a colorful smile!

Too Early to Drink

An accident in New Jersey, flooded the road with beer. A tractor-trailer overturned Monday morning, after crossing the Ben Franklin Bridge. The driver had minor injuries, but the truck spilled all its beer. At least it didn’t happen on the bridge, or the fish in the Delaware River, would’ve been drinking beer for breakfast!

Red Panda Gets Away for a Day

A red panda named Kora, escaped from her enclosure at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. Luckily, she was spotted by visitors, in trees near the rhino habitat. She was safely captured and returned to her newborn cubs, and their father General Tso. Maybe she needed some alone time. Being a mom is hard work!

Rewards of a Long Friendship

28 years ago, friends Tom Cook and Joe Feeney made an agreement. If either of them ever won the Powerball Jackpot, they’d split the winnings. They sealed the promise with a handshake. When Tom recently bought a winning ticket, he knew what he had to do. He split the $22,000,000 with his old friend!

Prepare to Launch

NASA is busy, getting ready for the Mars Perseverance 20 20 launch. On Thursday July 30th, an Atlas 5 rocket carrying the latest Mars rover, will blast off from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Watch the launch online at, but don’t wait for the landing. It won’t arrive in Jezero Crater until February 18, 2021.

Walk With Chocolate

It’s World Nature Conservation Day. Start your morning with a nature walk outdoors. Don’t forget a bag, to pick up any trash you find. Reward yourself with a candy bar, since it’s Milk Chocolate Day! It’s also Waterpark Day. Time to slip down some water slides, or plunge into a wave pool!

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